[Plugin update] EiBericht v1.6

  • EiBericht has been updated to version 1.6, adding support for more standards.

    Website & download: http://www.eibericht.nl


    • Support for FZ303/304
    • Support for JW303/304 v2
    • Support for JW321/322 v2
    • Support for WMO303/304 v2

    Original description of the plugin:
    Eibericht adds highlighting for ei-berichten ( http://ei.vektis.nl ) used in The Netherlands for health care declarations. These files are position delimited and therefore hard to analyze and/or edit. While the target group is small, those in it will be very happy as they are no longer required to count each position on a line.

    More information about the plugin can be found on http://eibericht.nl. Most of the site is in Dutch, as this is the target market. The screenshots should give you an idea of what the plugin does.

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