Notepad++ has stopped working errors

  • I have been getting a lot of these types of errors recently. It occurs when opening large xml files and also when running the Beautify tool of the xpatherizernpp plug in.

    I usually use the XML Tool plugin, but where I am working right now, I can only use plugins that reside entirely in the APPDATA area. The XML tools plugin tries to place files in the Program File area and that is blocked by our security.

    It is possible that some update to Windows is contributing because this started happening way more frequently after a Windows update.

    If anyone knows how to install the XML tools plugin without placing any file in the product folders, I would welcome that too.

  • @Chuck-Rheault

    the 3rd party dlls needs to be in place which can be found so I suggest you put them
    into a appdata subdirectory and change you PATH variable accordingly.

    E.g. create %APPDATA%\notepad++\plugins\config\xmltools and put it there.
    Afterwards add this directory to the PATH variable.


  • Sadly, I am not allowed to add to the path!
    Oh, the humanity…

  • @Chuck-Rheault

    what about writing a batch file to start npp but modifying path within the script?
    Something like

    PATH = %PATH%;"D:\test"

    Of course you need to modify it to your needs.
    Or the dirties (don’t know if this word even exists) way would be to use one of the folders in you existing
    path variable - not recommended at all, but sometimes …


  • I looked into the path folders - all locked down, tighter than a drum. I’m as crafty as the next person.
    I tested the batch file approach and it appears to work, The only downside it the command windows that apparently must open until Notepad++ is closed.
    I was hoping I could put it all in one shortcut (add to the path and launch NP++ without a batch file), but I don’t think that can be made to work.

  • But then, I found this on Stack Overflow:

    If I put this in a shortcut target and set it to run minimized, I get all the desired results with no visible console window.

    c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /c “path = %path%;%appdata%\Notepad++;C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++&start notepad++.exe”


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