Scintilla 3.7.0

  • Hello,
    It’s been 1 years and a half that scintilla isn’t updated. There are some much interested feature or bug fix in recent releases

    here is a completely experimental nightly build with Scintilla 3.7.0 embedded.
    Scintilla has been updated, notepad++ modifications has been applied, but we don’t use the new API scintilla.
    Anyone interested to test ? It’s on the build system website ( appVeyor). links :

    Win32: notepad++ scintilla

    x64: notepad++ scintilla

    informations for developers :
    I used scintilla github mirror (
    I forked it (
    I created branches to apply notepad++ modifications on each release (3-5-6 3-5-7 3-6-0 … 3-7-0 ) (patch applied from original repository, then patch has been cherry-picked over branches)
    I declared scintilla as a git submodule ( )
    I created branches with new releases of scintilla :

  • @cmeriaux

    I’m giving a +1 for effort here. I don’t know really what advantages some of these newer versions of Scintilla provide, but surely it is not good for the version in Notepad++ to fall too far behind? :)

  • Wow!
    By the way, do you use unmodified sources of Scintilla (as is), or do you integrate some patches from Notepad++'s codebase?

  • Ah, you mentioned you applied the Notepad++'s patches.
    So, I see no reason to not use this version of the SciLexer.dll! Instead, I see reasons to use it!
    For example, it works faster when doing multi-editing in a big (80 MB) Unicode file.

  • Though - no. I’ve found a serious reason to not use this custom SciLexer.dll in its current form.
    When searching with Regular Expressions case-insensitively, it does not find non-Latin characters (such as Cyrillic) in another (upper/lower) case at all! It does not work neither for “Find All in Current Document” nor for “Find in Files”. (Without Regular Expressions it’s OK, case-insensitive searching works for Cyrillic characters.)
    The Notepad++'s SciLexer.dll handles case-insensitive with Regular Expressions correctly.

  • @Vitaliy-Dovgan
    I think your “Regular Expressions” issue is due to the nightly build compilation process that doesn’t use “boost regular expression”. DonHO didn’t want that because it’s time consuming and sometimes fails the build.

  • @cmeriaux
    Thx for your effort. Does that mean, we can see a new version of NPP with the latest version of SCINTILLA?

  • @oirfeodent-oirfeodent said:

    Thx for your effort. Does that mean, we can see a new version of NPP with the latest version of SCINTILLA?

    You’are welcome.
    About the integration in the master branch, i should be very patient until @donHo accept it.
    While you are waiting, you can use the nightly build of my branch (see the first post)

  • @cmeriaux
    Ok. Will check the nightly.
    Aside, any specific reason for the three different versions of scintilla?
    Will it not be enough to have one “Scintilla 3.7.0” alone or infact the current one “Scintilla 3.7.2”?

    Just asking because, as Scintilla is not upgraded that frequently… may be we can use the latest one alone. Or possibily, 3.7.0 was the latest when you pulled the branch?

  • 3.7.0 was the latest

  • This is a great build. I am quite happy to see you have released it.

    Maybe its time for a fork? If you would be willing to make the long standing changes many people have been waiting for, like updated UI, better plugin manager, etc…

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