PowerShell escape character is not being detected

  • Hi!

    Notepad++ 7.2 (and probably older versions too) is not detecting and applying syntax highlighting properly when there is a escape character in Windows PowerShell scripts (ps1 files). Escape character is ` - see http://ss64.com/ps/syntax-esc.html

    Take this piece of code as an example:

    # comment
    $Path.split("`"") | Where-Object { $_ -and (Test-Path $_) }
    # this is not detected as a comment, it appears to be part of a string
    $Var += $Path.split() | Where-Object { $_ -and (Test-Path $_) }

    This is how it renders in Notepad++:


    The string on line 3 seems to never end, so the comment on the next line is not highlighted properly.

    Could this be fixed?


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