Please, Need node.js

  • Hello
    I need the Node.js language to be compatible with notepad ++
    Eh since I can create, import and export languages, and I was wondering if someone could pass me the node.js language in xml so that I can import it since seeing the number of options, I would not be able to create it correctly:

    I need NODE.js language since if I put:
    `Server Started. {T: $ {account}} 'is replaced by the variable, but if I put
    'Server Started. {T: $ {account}} 'DO NOT replace it

    Everything comma style, if it is “” does not work, it only works with “” it is very slow to have it on the clipboard
    Thank you very much

  • What do you mean by “is replaced by the variable”??

    As I understand Node.js language is nothing but javascript so using javascript as the language type should work fine, I’ve worked with Node.js files and they seem to work fine even with the back ticks (template strings) which I think is what you are trying to use.

    Maybe your problem is another but I don’t seem to get it from your question, maybe you can clarify a little bit more.

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