Show the error code description when the error code is selected

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    I primarily use the notepad ++ for error log analysis. I would like to know if there is any plug in available which will show the description of the error when the error code is selected. I have a txt file which contains description for all the error code that appears in the log file, what i am doing now is i look at the error code then go to my error.txt search for the error code to know what exactly that error means. Wondering if there is any way to automate this process. All i would need to do is select/highlight the error code then the description should pop up automatically.


  • You could try to construct tags file for that and use a tag lookup plugin.
    But you probably will have to do create a tags file by yourself since ctags will not know how to parse your txt file.
    I am the author of TagLEET so I will recommend it.

    If your errors codes are in the format Exxxx then all you need is create a file with a line for every error code that refers to your errors.txt file.
    E0001<tab>\full path\errors.txt
    E0002<tab>\full path\errors.txt

    Note that full tags file has many more options, I describe the minimal thing that works.

    The file should be sorted and saved under the name ‘tags’ without extension in the directory of the log file or one of its parents.
    In the log file perform a tag lookup for E0001, the plugin will consult the tags file, realize that the tag is defined in errors.txt, open it and find the 1st occurrence of E0001.

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