Cannot move the splitter

  • A few days ago I started encountering this problem. I thought it might have been the amount of files in my notepad++ instance so I started closing some of them that I didn’t need open anymore. I tried updating the program. I even moved everything to one view and then moved one of the files back to the other view and I still couldn’t move the splitter. Has anyone run into this problem?

  • Strange, since today I have the same problem. The splitter resides vertically at the center of the NPP window and cannot be moved, no matter what I try. It can still be right-clicked and rotated. Did you found a solution in the meanwhile?

  • Ok, nevermind. Closing all apps didn’t helped, but restarting system seems to solve the problem. But it’s still a strange behaviour. The rest of the UI seemed to work normally. Just the splitter was frozen.

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