Customise search engine (Google Search to other search)

  • This topic was posted a couple of years ago, but the topic is locked and my question is slightly different anyway.

    Q: Is it possible to change Google Search to a custom search engine, say to something like DuckDuckGo?

    A: You can easily do that by editing the file shortcuts.xml, usually located in the folder %appdata%\Notepad++.

    That worked for the “Google search” command behind mouse rt-click, which is nice, but what I was originally wondering is that in Settings > Preferences > Search Engine one can change the search engine for the command “Search on Internet”. I didn’t find such a command. Is it supposed to be “Google search” or a different command? Changing options in Search Engine didn’t affect the “Google search” command

  • @Joel-Korhonen

    The “Search on Internet” command that is affected by Settings -> Preferences -> Search Engine may be found here:

    Edit (menu) -> On Selection -> Search On Internet

    Note that even though the menu path hints that you need a selection active to run the command, if you happen to be searching for a single word, having the caret touching that word is sufficient (i.e., without having anything selected).

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