Ctl+tab not working

  • Hi there, ctl+tab in my last version of notepad++ would drop down a list of open docs, where I could then up/down arrow to doc i wanted to focus on. It was a yellow drop down box with path/filename to all open docs. it was awesome. Now, on new laptop, new install of Notepad++ ctl+tab doesn’t work at all. When used together, notepad++ loses focus (greys out). ctl+pgup and down work to go to next or previous doc…but i want ctl+tab to drop down a list of open docs. Anyone run into this? Should i re-install? Is there a plugin that does what Im looking for? Any help is greatly appreciated!


  • @cjmac27
    There are a couple of check-boxes, which might need checking: Settings,Preferences,MISC., “Document Switcher”, check Enable and check Enable MRU behaviour.

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