Help with assets file code

  • I have an assets file on my computer I want to edit but I am unable to read the file. I am not sure what encoding they used or the language to read the file. How can I figure this out to read the file. The file is from a game called Endless Space.

  • A quick search for endless space assets file format led me to a github issue on unpacking/repacking asset files, with a mention of Endless Space, so this “Disunity” tool might be able to extract readable information from the asset file.

    Most likely (ie, I don’t know how Unity or Endless Space do it, but this is my guess based on the Disunity page), the asset bundle is a binary-encoded and/or compressed data file.

    Notepad++ is a text editor. (Yes, it’s possible to look at more than text, and if someone were to write a plugin-wrapper for disunity or write a plugin that duplicates the functionality of disunity, you might be able to use Notepad++… but if it’s not a text file, it’s not in Notepad++'s mainstream use case.)

    Without a dedicated plugin, or using the results of a tool like Disunity to convert the file to text before editing: You could using the HEX Editor plugin for Notepad++ (download thru plugin manager), and might be able to edit the non-text data directly, but you’d have to do the interpreting of the individual bytes yourself. (And the last time I tried, HEX Editor was pretty buggy/crashy; your results may vary.)

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