Notepad++ is missing a robust migration feature

  • Notepad++ became a very complex tool, with a lot of features, plugins, themes, settings and so on… which is great and doesn’t cause any problem when you keep all your work in one place, on same machine. But sometimes one has to move to another machine, to reinstall system and here comes the struggle of migration.
    Of course, there is Notepad++ Portable, but that servers a different goal.

    In my humble opinion, I think Notepad++ needs to consolidate the migration process somehow… either by storing all things in one place (from plugins to theme and context menu settings), or to introduce a migration feature (backup / restore) that would take care of absolutely everything (including sessions)

  • @dereius

    when installing npp you do have the chance to use local installation,
    which basically means all get stored under installation directory.
    Isn’t this what you are looking for?


  • There is also the Cloud configuration in the settings, i use that to move my configs around different computers (either really using a cloud like google drive or a shared folder)

    It will apparently sync all settings including user defined langs, themes, and even backups.

    It does not seem to work for plugins though

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