Rerun find all.

  • Ello all, Glad to be here…

    I was wondering if there could be a quick refresh results in the Find Results box. So the user would

    • Right-click on the result set that they’d want to refresh,
    • Click refresh/re-run on the popup context menu
    • Bask in the new results

    I note that currently there seems to be a bit of a bug in that as the text changes the highlighting that occurs when you click on a result in the set does not move with the text and so becomes at best confusing.

    Many thanks


  • @Tom-Vines said:

    quick refresh results in the Find Results box

    Yes, nice suggestion…

    bit of a bug

    Not really a bug, per se, if you have edited the text of the document since you last did something that had populated the Find result panel. The panel remembers the positions in the document at the time the search was run. Changing text since the time of search moves the text so that the recorded positions are shifted.

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