notepad++ 64bit inserting timestamps

  • Hi, I installed notepad++ 64bit and realized it doesn’t support TextFX nor Python plugin.
    Is there another way to insert timestamp with notepad++ 64bit?


  • @Jeremy-Z

    Here’s one way: Remove the 64-bit version of Notepad++, install the 32-bit version of Notepad++, and get the TextFX and/or Pythonscript (or LuaScript) plugins.

  • One other option is to use NppExec - “Show Console Dialog”:

    In the “Console” type this line:
    “cmd /c Echo %DATE% %TIME% | clip”

    Then in any open file use “Paste” to get something like this:
    "30-Dec-17 17:13:49.41 "
    Tested with N++7.5, Win7 and Win10

  • There is another trick that you can use with the normal and outdated windows notepad.
    Create a file and insert just the following as first char in the first row

    Close saving the file. Now reopen it with win notepad: the timestamp will be automatically inserted. The trick doesn’t work with n++ but you can open the file with win notepad, save it and reopen with n++ in seconds.

  • The ‘old’ plugin TextFX has an option called “TextFX Insert”.
    Under this option there are two entries:
    Date & Time - short format (e.g. 9:26 PM 01-Jan-18)
    and Date & Time - long format (e.g. 9:26 PM Monday, January 1, 2018)

  • using 32bit is not an option as the files I am normally dealing with can’t be opened by 32bit version.

    TextFX as far as I know do not have a 64bit version available, correct?

    using external command in console and paste into the text file defeat the purpose of inserting timestamp with hot keys. The use case is quickly logging issues as soon as possible. Manually typing in datetime is just not practical when you have to do so every so often.

    I suppose there really isn’t a solution to this problem for notepad++.

  • @Jeremy-Z said:

    I suppose there really isn’t a solution to this problem for notepad++.

    There are solutions, some recently discussed here:

  • I just found out that, NPP 7.6 64bit, if you install the NPP++ plugin demo, one of the commands is a “Date Time - short or long format”

    Thank you Danny. This is really convenient.

  • @Jeremy-Z

    Thank you Danny.

    I’m mystified as to who “Danny” is, but it is good that you got a solution to your problem. :)

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    Danny Ho, he wrote notepad++ and the plugin demo.

  • @Jeremy-Z said:

    Danny Ho, he wrote notepad++ and the plugin demo.

    You might want to re-read

  • @Jeremy-Z
    This saved me a lot of pain and irritation. Tried to TextFX but does not operate with the current NPP version 7.8.5 64 bit and the Author(s) have indicated they cant support it any longer.

    The Python Script was a miserable pain for me as I haven’t written a line of code in +25 years.

    This solution just WORKS!!!

    PLUGINS - > Plugins Admin
    [Available] tab

    Notepad++ Plugin Demo

    * Install Button
    (popup dialog about NPP will be restarted… Continue?)
    * Yes Button

    **** To add as shortcut [SHIFT] + F5 ****
    RUN - > Modify Shortcut/Delete Command
    [Plugin commands] tab
    DOUBLE CLICK on Date Time - short format

    SHIFT + (pulldown F5)

    * OK button
    * CLOSE button

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