Counting Characters

  • Is there a way to count characters? I’ve written some text that I want to copy and paste into a text box in a “contact us” page but when I try to submit, it says I’m limited to 1000 words. I’d like to be able to split up my text into <1k-character blocks so I can submit them separately, and I’d rather not use trial and error. So I’d like to be able to see how big each block is in notepad++. It seems like there ought to be a setting for this but I don’t see it.

    Please help!

  • See Sel: <number> | <number> in status bar for the number of selected characters and lines resp.

  • Wow. I didn’t even notice the status bar. Thanks for pointing it out!

  • Notepad-plus-plus can do better. Check the View menu - Summary.
    This is the report about my test file:
    Characters (without blanks): 210
    Words: 10
    Lines: 10
    Current document length: 228
    9 selected characters (9 bytes) in 2 ranqes”

    The last line is displayed because I had two selected blocks at the time I wanted the ‘Summary’.

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