Document List Panel ('Doc Switcher') Improvements

  • Tthe document list panel hasn’t improved at all during the many years I’ve been using it. Why isn’t it possible to rearrange documents’ order using drag & drop?

  • If you’re using v7.5.6 or newer, then any changes made through drag & drop on Tab Bar is reflected on Doc Switcher, assuming Doc Switcher’s columns aren’t alphabetically sorted.

  • I leave the tab bar disabled. Tab bars suck.

  • I use Notepad++ for note-taking. For me, it’s not a programming tool. I tend to keep many unsaved documents open and I progressively aggregate and reorganize these over time. I’ll discard them individually if they’re no longer needed. It’s usually difficult to decide on how to name (and save) these files until later in the process.

    So: I updated Notepad++ two days ago. Before then, I hadn’t updated in a long time. Unfortunately, the “Remember current session for next launch” feature has ceased to function for me. Only files which were previously saved are reloaded. No unsaved files are loaded into the session.

    This is frustrating. I’ll need to sort through the backup folder and reassemble my previous configuration as best as I can.

  • Make sure backups are enabled in Settings->Preferences->Backup

  • I have renabled that option several times today. For some reason it keeps getting disabled.

  • The checkbox for “Enable session snapshot and periodic backup” becomes unchecked if I close a special session after closing the default session (two sessions open at the same time). I don’t remember this happening in the version I used before (6.7.4 ?).

  • I’ve reverted to my original installation (6.7.4). The problem doesn’t occur anymore.

    Why does Don Ho keep closing requests for this feature? Is it just too difficult to implement drag and drop for the ‘Doc Switcher’ as well as the tab bar?

  • The issues were closed because the underlying requests were satisfied in commit 883045d.

    If you look at Issue #1684 it’s implied the author is using Tab Bar to drag&drop and is frustrated with changes to Tab Bar not being sync’d to Doc Switcher (unless you close and re-open Npp). The subsequent commenter on that issue further complains about being unable to revert to the initial unsorted ordering on Doc Switcher after alphabetically sorting them (unless you close and re-open Npp). Issue #946 appears to be a duplicate of these requests. Both issues were completely fixed in 883045d.

    Npp is an open source project. If you desire this feature then make a functional patch and have it added to the official releases through a pull request. Alternatively, create a separate issue on Github which specifically requests this feature, but there’s no guarantee when or whether someone will decide to work on it.

  • Actually, I might not be reading it right because I was thinking about Issue #2342 (which is similar to my own personal usage). In any case, the underlying request is still fulfilled because reordering is possible through Tab Bar because it’s now sync’d with Doc Switcher while unsorted.

  • And that means reordering hotkeys such as holding shift+ctrl and pressing page up/down works on Doc Switcher (even while Tab Bar is set to hidden)

  • Okay. CTRL + SHIFT + Page Up / Page Down works, but the effects only become visible after I right click Doc Switcher and click ‘Reload’.

  • The reload is automatic in v7.5.6 or newer.

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