Need SQL Language to be set as default for .pks and .pkb file formats

  • Hi,

    I am an Oracle Developer. We use Oracle PL/SQL as our programming language. We generally save Package Specification and Package Body as .pks and .pkb format respectively.

    When I open the files in Notepad++ , I need to select the language as SQL every time.

    Is there any way to default the language as SQL for the above file formats ?


  • Hello, @sivabalanarayanan-l, and All,

    Easy, just 30 seconds ! Here is the method :

    • Select the menu option Settings > Style Configurator…

    • On the left side, in the Language : list, choose the SQL language

    • At bottom of the dialog, in the User ext : zone, add the extensions, without the dot, separated with a space char. So pks pkb

    • Click on the Save & Close button to valid these modifications

    • Stop and restart N++

    From now on, each time you’ll open a file, with extension = .pkb or .pks, the SQL language will be automatically selected ;-))

    Tested on the last N++ v7.6

    Best Regards,


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