Moving settings folder to external(netshare) folder

  • Good day.

    We have a Citrix XenApp farm of few servers that hosts and balance Notepad++ app between few servers. But some users want to see all their settings synced nomatter which server they connect.
    I’ve tried windows MKLINK, but I don’t feel that as a must convinient way for this.

    Is there a way to move default %appdata%\Notepad++ settings folder to a connected netshare (net disk)?

  • @NobleRogue

    treat this with caution as I don’t have any experience in that area.
    There is a setting in preferences called cloud which might do what you want.
    If I enable it and point to another directory it created the config files.

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @NobleRogue

    the official solution to save your settings to a sync folder or remote location is using the cloud option at the preferences.

    important note: it’s recommended to use a local drive location only, as a network drive that is offline for just less than one second can lead to session data loss.
    this local folder should then be permanently synchronised to your server (e.g. using owncloud, cloud station, dropbox, onedrive, etc).
    keep in mind, that without the presence of this folder, notepad++ will not be able to function as expected.

    • go to settings > preferences > cloud, select set your cloud location path here and browse to the drive and folder you wish to use, as seen at the screenshot below:


    the custom cloud folder will now contain the user’s settings, custom context menus and custom shortcuts/run menu entries.