How to change the language of the date and time inserted by TextFX in Notepad++?

  • Regardless of changing the Notepad++ UI language - TextFX doesn’t react accordingly and doesn’t change the language of time and date (long format). Is there a way I could fix it without a need to reinstall Notepad++?

  • @ThomasLeigh

    Not via TextFX. But there are other ways to get the date/time inserted. See this maybe.

    I don’t think a reinstall of N++ will do anything here.

  • Looks interesting, thank You. I
    decided to use AutoHotkey as a workaround. I can ascribe a keyboard shortcut for it to insert the current date and time. Interestingly, it acts similarly to the TextFX - i.e. it obeys a user’s OS language. So instead of using native syntax to display a month’s name - I’ve used this:

    formattime, monthvar, , MM
    if (monthvar=01)
    if (monthvar=02)

    …and so on. And then, if I want to insert the current month’s name:

    send ...some nice %cmonth%

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