syntax highlighting in Knitr ".Rnw" of Latex and R

  • Hi, I’ve been looking for some plugin to highlight the reserved text of Latex and knitr, is there any way to achieve this style?
    For example

    and most importantly in knitr

    here I want the background to be painted gray

    I need your help, it is possible to achieve this style. How is it created?

  • An overview of the User Defined Languages (accessed through Language > Define Your Language…) can be found in the User Defined Languages page in the official docs. And Ivan Radić has created the definitive guide to the nuts and bolts of UDL version 2.1, which is available at – so definitive that’s it’s linked directly from the Notepad++ UDL dialog.

    After looking through those docs, make an attempt at the UDL for Knitr. If you get stuck, show us what you have, how it’s not working for you, and what you would like it to do instead.

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