How to set a UDL as the default

  • New to NPP.

    Version: 7.8.5

    Every time I open a file I have to set the Language to my custom UDL.
    When I search across files and jump from into a file that was opened the Language is not applied and I have to go select it every time

    In Settings, New Document you can select from the Default Language pick list but my UDL is not listed.
    How can I get my UDL to be in the list?

    Note: I had to create a UDL because the structure of log files I’m examining is customer to my company.


  • You cannot set the default language to a UDL.

    When you defined your UDL, did you remember to set the ext box? Because if that’s set, anytime a new file is saved with that extension, or a file with that extension is opened, it should apply your UDL syntax highlighting to the file.


    As the docs ( point out , that list is a space-separated list of extensions without the dot

    If you log file ends in .log, then you would set your UDL Ext. box to log – every time you save a .log or open a .log, it should apply that language.

    For example, I just followed the steps:

    1. Language > User Defined Language > Define Your Language
    2. Create New > DummyLog
    3. Ext.: log
    4. Default Style: Styler: set color to salmon/pink/orange
    5. File > New, File > Save As dummy.log
    6. Type something: it uses the salmon/pink/orange


    If you have a builtin lexer with log as an extension already, the UDL generally overrides that (“generally” = I’ve never seen it not override that, though I have vague recollections of reports that it doesn’t). If you have two UDL with the same extension defined, it is indeterminate which UDL will “own” that extension: in such a circumstance, I highly recommend removing the extension from the one you don’t want.

    If Notepad++ still isn’t applying your UDL, try creating a new one like I just did (those were literally the 6 steps I took) and it should work for you. If you have a precise sequence of events that still doesn’t work for you, you might have some plugin interfering with normal behavior, so please go to the ? menu and give us the Debug Info, and include that along with the precise sequence of events that doesn’t work.

    ps: here’s my Debug Info:

    Notepad++ v7.8.5   (64-bit)
    Build time : Mar  3 2020 - 17:39:56
    Path : C:\usr\local\apps\notepad++\notepad++.exe
    Admin mode : OFF
    Local Conf mode : ON
    OS Name : Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit) 
    OS Version : 1903
    OS Build : 18362.720
    Plugins : ComparePlugin.dll LuaScript.dll MarkdownViewerPlusPlus.dll mimeTools.dll NppConsole.dll NppConverter.dll NppEditorConfig.dll NppExec.dll NppExport.dll NppFTP.dll PreviewHTML.dll PythonScript.dll QuickText.dll XMLTools.dll 

  • Hello Peter

    Thank you for the clear explanation and details.


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