UDL Operators - unicode support?

  • I’m making a UDL for some UTF-8 files and was hoping to use some unicode [Sm] Symbol, Math for Operators1.

    From Ivan’s UDL operators documentation …

    This is a “forward” search group.
    These operators can be “glued” to other keywords. You can use it to define operators like:
    ! && << >> + - _ %
    In short: these should be special non-alphanumeric characters

    On Notepad++ v7.8.6 (32-bit) I can only get them working with basic ASCII (codepoint < 7F) non-alphanumerics - is there a way around this?

    NB: Same issue appears with Delimiter Open/Close.


  • @moon6969 said in UDL Operators - unicode support?:

    I can only get them working with basic ASCII

    I hadn’t tried before today, but I concur

    is there a way around this?


    • for delimiters? no
    • for operators? if you’re willing to use one of the keywords lists for “fancy operators”, you could give it the same (or similar) styling, so those keywords look like the operators

    Using a scripting plugin (like PythonScript)

  • @PeterJones Thanks.
    I was hoping to use operators since they “glue” - my initial testing indicates that keywords need spaces to be recognised which is difficult to ensure in my case.

    I’ll check out the suggested script - might be a quick win if it’s fast enough on some of the decrepit hardware I need to support!

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