Hell to you and your free speech!

  • @Dick-Douglas said in Hell to you and your free speech!:

    I am puzzled why Beijing feels so threatened by the freedoms that were enjoyed in Hong Kong

    You are? I’m not.
    (and that’s about all I’ll ever say about it)

  • Supporting free speech movement and what actually transpired there are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT things and should be clarified carefully.

    Movements like Black Live Matters received worldwide respect because majority of the protests were peaceful. There were some looting but they’re either largely unreported by media or there were really that few/isolated instances.

    What happened in Hong Kong were outright riots. Both caused by rioters/protestors and their local police dept (HKPF) with their questionable tactics. On one hand, public infrastructures were largely destroyed (e.g. pretty much everything you can take apart on a street were taken apart and threw at riot police), while Police sandwiched rioters and forced their hand to fight back (rather than disperse/scatter them). To think that N++ authors support these events makes me rethink how blindly the public is taking news at face value.

    Just to outline what’s happening in Hong Kong, free speech is being suppressed, not by PRC, but by citizens with opposite political views themselves. I’ve seen people who seemingly support free speech (the Yellow faction) ganging up hitting, robbing people on the street, confiscating their phones if they were taking videos/pictures, and setting 1 person on fire after pouring gasoline with other onlookers cheering. The “free speech” being suppressed in Hong Kong includes, not being able to say I’ll kill/harm the president, not being able to destroy the legislative branch building (the place was ransacked, much worst than what happened in US Capitol building riot), not being able to tear down national flag and step on. We can still gather up and reasonably protests (with approval from HKPF), we still have unrestricted access to ALL social media.

    It is not to say that nothing is being suppressed in Hong Kong, I’m just saying it’s not worth the cause if ordinary citizens’ lives are severely affected. There are 7 million people in Hong Kong, with about a few thousand rioters in numerous instances. It is very unfair for these thousand rioters to be able to harm the rest of the population to the point where, mass transit had to be shut down because the stations were no longer deemed a safe place for citizens to use. We’re talking about a mass transit system used by 5.9 million out of 7 every single day. Free speech movement, yes, but at what cost?!

  • @Alex-King 操你妈支那猪,不喜欢用别用,免费软件捐款不见你喷粪第一名

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    支那猪的肤色为黑,black matters,假洋鬼子小心丢了工作哦

  • @Dick-Douglas what we are witnessing in HK is way worse than the BLM riots in the US. The HK police has practiced extreme restrain, yet the HK rioters chose violence when it comes to a different opinion than their own.

    How is promoting violent attacks on individual with opposite opinion an advocacy of freedom of speech?

    And it is no secret that under the British rule, there has never been any democracy. You can say that the British government played dirty and left a political mess in HK.

    This HK riot is nothing more than a political coup staged by the US/British to destabilize the region. Beijing has completed left HK along even till this day.

  • Yeah, the politics should be exclusively left to the professional, big players—like the CCP and the large companies that help and support them. /s

  • @J-Z_1450 Brits even messed up the whole indian sub-continent…

    Just look at Jallianwala Bagh massacre where they killed more then 1000 innocent people (including small kids)…

    They created a myth that everything ‘European’ is valuable, rich and good and anything indian related is trash… they destroyed our culture, ritual’s, religion, traditional cloth’s… they destroyed our economy…

    Just look at Bengal famine of 1943 where they left 4Million people starved to death.


  • I agree, there is no place for politics, everyone has to determine for himself what is close to him, but we should not try to force everyone.

  • Yes, it’s bad, and the cops are now overreacting in an absurd way. As for George Floyd, I’ve already noticed it in several of his activities. It was dreadful, and it continues to elicit a lot of debate and discussion. As a result, I can advise you to read specific pieces on the subject at https://studydriver.com/police-brutality/ . You can learn and understand a lot for yourself. I hope it was useful, even if it was just to gain a better knowledge of police violence in general. Best wishes to you.

  • Free speech is just that. EVERYONE has the right to Free Speech whether we like what they’re saying or not. YOU as a person can either listen or not listen. You can distance yourself from things you do not believe in and/or support. This doesn’t make you a racist, hater…etc… As it stands right now if you do not support something that is what’s being done…“you’re a racist”.

    This has nothing to do with the “American Way” it has to do with the fact that anyone anywhere should have a basic human right to disagree with anyone. There will ALWAYS be people that hate, there will always be people that have their own agendas… that is human nature.

    Taking away rights from people only ever ends one way… revolution. Look over history it’s been done time after time…

    So to anyone listening I will say this. Be a good human being, don’t go out of your way because you think you have the only correct opinion and if someone is talking and/or saying something you don’t agree with at least respect their right to have their thoughts and/or opinions. Learn to be honest with yourself and do not be afraid of conversations. They can be healthy and lead to better understanding of a differing opinions.

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