Find Replace Time Stamps?

  • Let’s say I copy a video transcript with timestamps such as “10:55”.
    I want to remove all time stamps – I guessed that I should be able to search such things as “10:" which should find all timestamps beginning with “10:” -right? or even search ":*” and it should find all colons with text immediately to either side – right? Nope.

    I can’t figure out how to search for and find more than 1 time-stamp at a time!

    Can you?
    Is there a way to find and replace all these time stamps? “10:22” “10:24” “05:19”

  • @Sean-Bliss said in Find Replace Time Stamps?:

    Is there a way to find and replace all these time stamps? “10:22” “10:24” “05:19”

    I presume we are talking about a text file? As for looking for specific types of character strings regular expressions are the way to go.

    However you haven’t really explained enough nor provided enough of examples in order for us to really help.

    Can you provide a list of perhaps 4-10 different lines showing exactly how they look in the file (starting the line or midway through, whole line etc). When posting the examples please insert them, then highlight all of them and hit the </> button you see immediately above the posting window. This prevents the forum from potentially mangling your examples (it attempts to format and some characters have special meanings).

    To start you off though, to find the time stamps you would likely use something like
    each \d is a number position. In fact using that and marking all the lines you will have every time stamp line marked and could then remove marked lines. As what I provided is a regular expression any search or mark function would need the search mode set to “regular expression”.

    But if at all uncertain, please do provide “real” examples in the method I outlined, this will put a black box around them when posted. Also include what you hope to do once selected, do you want to replace them or just delete them?


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