Printing Contrast Is Too Light!

  • I just started working with 7.9.1 using WinX and a Brother laser printer. That combo has worked fine with other text editors but with Notepad++ the printed page has a rather small, very lightly printed font that’s hard for my old eyes to read. I have no trouble reading it on screen and I set the Notepad++ preferences to “black on white” with no benefit. Is there something I’m missing?

  • @Anan-Isapta

    Are you talking about when printing a .txt file, or maybe some other kind where the lexing of syntax makes a color “lighter” and consequently that also happens when printing?

  • Ditto! Body text is very light, line numbers almost invisible.
    Header & Footer text is dark and clear.

    Win 8.1, NPP 7.8.5, Brother Laser HLL2300D, plain text (.txt) file. Tried different print color options: no change.

    Updated to NPP 7.9.1, printed change.log, same result.

    Selected Bold in Preferences/Print - same result.

    Every other program prints with normal contrast on the printer.

  • It took me way too long, considering. I finally found my way to the Settings - Style Configuration - Global menu where “Enable Global Font” is the key box that needs to be checked; you have to “Save and Close” to see the result.

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