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  • Is there a reason why markdown files aren’t included as a file association, perhaps under the misc category? They are very common, especially on gits and such.

  • @theamazingjmo ,

    As far as I know, the file types in the Settings > Preferences > File Association settings are based on file extensions of languages handled by the builtin lexers (syntax highlighters). You will notice that there is no builtin lexer for Markdown – rather, Markdown highlighting is handled by the User Defined Language interface (where Don provides a default Markdown UDL distributed with Notepad++ – the only UDL deemed important enough to be included with the distribution). But, because it’s handled by UDL, it isn’t in the list tha t goes into generating the File Association settings.

    And it’s not as simple as “then just redefine Markdown as a builtin lexer”… The Scintilla project would have to add a Markdown lexer (and one that somehow magically knows which flavor of Markdown you want to use, because there are a lot of flavors, some with mutually exclusive syntax – which is probably why Scintilla hasn’t added Markdown lexer yet), and then Notepad++ would have to incorporate that new version of Scintilla, before it would be available for the File Association list.

    But personally, I have never used the in-app settings for changing file associations; I always just use Windows’ features (whether right-click or regedit) to change Windows file associations, plus I have “Open With Notepad++” as a possible action on the * file type, so “Open with Notepad++” is available on any filetype I want to use it on via the right-click menu.

  • @PeterJones No worries, it’s not like it’s difficult to associate .md with Notepad++ myself. I was just curious.

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