Session of connection expired

  • Hi, what should I do to resolve this problem: after editing file I want to save it and automaticly upload, every thing is ok - file is uploading but only if it is pause few seconds between next saving, when I make an more edition and time is few minutes connection with server is broken and session is broken and I got a message while trying saving and upload file: Upload of C:\Users…\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\plugins\Config\NppFTP\Cache… failed and than I need to refresh session, wait for connection and once again upload. It it very disturbing while I work, is there any time limiter for session that keep connection with server or any other way to keep this connection ? Thank you for any advice.

  • @Martin-Berg ,

    Some FTP/sFTP software has a “keepalive” feature, which sends dummy commands. (For example, FileZilla and WinSCP.)

    Apparently, based on being issue #1, KeepAlive was the first feature requested when NppFTP was put on github in 2015. It doesn’t seem to have been ever implemented, though some seem to imply that it does occasionally send KeepAlive signals, even if there’s no option controlling it.

    @chcg seems to be the one actively maintaining the NppFTP repo, and might be able/willing to comment on whether there is any keepalive behind the scenes, or any plans on ever implementing the issue#1 request for a setting to enable/disable keepalive activity.

  • Thank you for reply.

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