Where did always open in Administrator Mode go in the later Notepad++ Context Menu?

  • Re: Administrator Mode
    I noted the older Note++ had the option to chose “Always open in Administrator Mode” and that is now gone. So can we add it to the context menu?

  • @pjamesburwell ,

    Sorry, I don’t recall in my decade or more of using Notepad++ ever seeing an always-open-in-administrator-mode right-click option.

    If you want that to always be the case, you might be able to use Windows OS techniques to accomplish it: right click on the Notepad++.exe executable, and go to the Compatibility tab, and select the appropriate checkbox on that tab. I think that will make it so Notepad++ will always open in Admin mode, even called from a shortcut or a right-click context “open file”/“open file with” action. But Admin mode is controlled by the OS, not by the application, so the final word has to come from the OS.

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