Notepad++ 7 Release Candidate

  • @vi-editor
    AFAIK the plugin manager is not yet available as 64-bit build and that why it’s not in the 64-bit Release Candidate. The plugin manager is included in the 32-bit RC (as a 32-bit build).

  • Hi @guy038

    The dependencies of both dll have been removed in the current RC, that you can test again.
    You’re right about Proper Case - it will be in the release 7.
    Reformatting of Command line Arguments is not easy, since I use Windows default dialog. I’ll see what can I do about it.
    Regarging the missing document of -quitOnEmpty, I have removed command line agument trigger for this option, and added a checkbox in Preferences dialog instead.
    It’ll be useful for a lot of users so I think it’s shame if this option is hidden in the command line.

    Thank you for your testing, bug report and pertinent suggestions.

  • @Artur-Hareson I’ll see what can I do about it.

  • Hello Don,

    I downloaded the last 32-bit N++ version v7.0, from your link, below

    But, seemingly, it’s NOT the LAST version ! The Notepad++.exe file has a size of 2 091 696 bytes and, when hitting the F1 key, it is said Build time : Sep. 7 2016 02:18:34. Indeed :

    • I’ve never been able to find an option Quit on Empty File’s Buffer, or equivalent, in the Preferences dialog !

    • The -quitOnEmpty command line option seems always a valid one.

    • Accordingly, the point #10, of the change.log file, hasn’t be modified, too.

    • Strangely, the N++icon looks like the old one, with a yellow pen, over a white sheet of paper, in explorer windows !

    However :

    • The two plugins MIME Tools and Converter are updated, as expected, to versions 2.1 and 4.2, respectively.

    • The two plugins do not need, anymore, the MSVCR120.dll nor the MSVCP120.dll libraries, as expected !

    Best Regards,


  • @guy038 The binary are not the last one. As I said, -quitOnEmpty and Title Case will be changed in the official release but not in the binary which I have provided.
    Regarding the icon, it’s the debug one, I’ll clean the project before building the release.
    Nice to learn the dependency issues have been solved. Thank you for testing.

  • Hello Don,

    Is there a chance you could make the image crisp when display scaling is used?
    I’ve got Windows 10 x64 1607 on a laptop set to 125% scaling with an external monitor set to 100% (default) and the external monitor is set to be the primary screen.

    Notepad++ 7 RC from the 32bit installer looks great on the external display, but both text and menus get blurry when moved to the laptop screen.

    Some apps expose the same behavior, eg. all Office 2016 apps, KiTTY, even Visual Studio 2015; and some are crisp, like Explorer, Chrome, ConEmu, Windows Settings.

    I know that the article is about WPF, but perhaps it’ll help a little:


  • Why is the Boost library build with property architecture=ia64 for the 64-bit target version?
    According to the documentation that property is for an Itanium target processor and I doubt anyone is running a PC with such a processor. I suspect the majority of the users is running an x86 based processor architecture (yes, even the 64-bit systems) and therefore using the build property address-model=64 for a 64-bit target system makes more sense to me.

  • Hello Don,

    Thank you and thanks to all the contributors for the new version - it’s really awesome!

    I have a feedback regarding the TabBar scroll feature. It is working great but it seems to align the selected tab on the left.
    Here is an example:

    1. Open many documents in N++ (enough to be able to scroll the TabBar).
    2. Select the last Tab - you’ll see it positioned in the right-most side of the TabBar, closest to the scroller buttons.
    3. Minimize N++.
    4. Maximize N++. The last Tab you selected is the only visible tab in the TabBar and it is positioned on the left-most side of the TabBar.

    Although the scroller buttons are visible it is kind of misleading because it looks like the last tab is the only tab opened.

    To summarize - when N++ is restored after minimization and the tab scroller is active the currently active tab is the first visible in the TabBar (the left-most tab) whereas it should be the last visible (the right-most tab in the TabBar respectively).

    Thanks once again.


  • @marcinsmialek I doubt if I can do somethings for it - it’s rather an issue of OS to me.

  • @MAPJe71 Please do a PR for it - I’ll check it.

  • @pnedev I cannot reproduce at all the bug. After minimizing and restoring Notepad++'s position, the selected tab remains the same. Am I missing somethings ?

  • @donho
    PR #2336 as requested.

  • @donho ,
    You are right. The issue I reported several days ago is not observed on native Windows. It seems to be a WINE issue.
    I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, you can disregard the issue. Thanks.

  • @pnedev

    you are right, happens on both of my ubuntus too.


  • Thanks @Claudia-Frank .


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