Notepad++ v7.1 released

  • @pnedev said:

    When during install I disable Auto-Update feature the updater folder is still created in N++ install path and the gpup.exe is still there.

    It’s only in x86 version (Tested with x64 installer, works fine for me), and it’s a normal behaviour - gpup.exe is updater come with Plugin Manager plugin. (GUP.exe is Notepad++ updater)

  • Uninstaller silent mode issue will be fixed in the next release.

  • @Rickard-Jonsson said:

    The x64 version of 7.1 is not working.
    The installtionfolder will be C:\Program Files\Notepad++
    npp.7.1.Installer.x64.exe /S /D=C:\Pub

    This issue will be fixed in the next release.

  • Hi, I have a issue, but it it’s not critial…
    The menu function “Rename” is not working. If I use this function, the “Save as” function appers isnteed of Rename!


  • @Osvaldo-Alencar

    So if you follow through with what appears to be a “Save As…”, then what happens?

    For me, I type a different filename and press OK. Then my Notepad++ editing tab has the new name and examining the containing folder with Explorer shows that a file with the new name is there and the file with the old name is gone.

    Isn’t that a RENAME ?

  • After update to v7.1 can’t “Save” edited file - simply nothing happens. Only when run as administrator ordinary save works. Uninstalling and going back to any of the previous versions doesn’t help.

  • Hi Donho,
    I need silent uninstall switch for Notepad++ 7.1 application. I have used “C:\Program Files(x86)\Notepad++\Uninstall.exe” /S. In the middlw i am getting custom setting pop up dialod box yes no option. I need silent uninstall without any pop up dialogs. Please suggest.


  • Strange thing - i open text, which was written on Mac, on Windows, and there are crossed squares instead of cyrillic text. Also, i have message in Skype (on Windows), i copied it and paste to notepad - and here they are, crossed squares. Thin message was written on Mac’s Skype too. UTF-8 setted, changing it doesn’t help. ANSI makes text full of not readable symbols. It happens after update to 7.1, but i don’t remember what version I had before update - quiet old, I think.

  • thanks for the new architecture!!
    perhaps I’m blind - but I can’t seem to find the new file size limit. I’m able to open a 1.2gb text file, but not a 7gb file. any idea what the new limit is with 7.1 64bit?

  • It is not possible to mark a piece of text and drag/drop it to a position that is not visible in the window.
    dragging a text to the top or buttom, should result in som sort of scrolling…

    WIN7 x64

  • @Scott-Sumner
    Scott, you are rigth.
    I really noticed this “new” way for renaming a file.
    Even so, thanks for you attention.

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