Notepad++ on Linux?

  • And another related question, some windows application (ex. foobar2000) are available as a snap app. Is there any project to do the same with npp?

  • @gwarah

    sorry, not that I’m aware.


  • @Claudia-Frank , I think it would be a good suggestion to npp developers pay some attention. I’ve tried npp in wine environment with success. I believe snap use some wine environment to allow runs some windows programs, so maybe would be easy to runs npp in such environments.

    @pnedev, sure. I’m also think is the best option. But would be nice the column mode of npp in nqq

  • @gwarah ,
    I personally prefer N++ under Wine.

  • It’s exactly what I believe snap implements with windows app, but with the advantage with no need to install wine via apt-get.

    If you have a Linux with snap installed and wine not installed, try to run this:

    # sudo snap install foobar2000

    and then run foobar2000:

    # foobar2000

    Snap install previously wine in a local user (and safer) environment.

  • I didn’t know that, thanks.
    Will try it some time when I upgrade my Linux.

  • Good news!! npp is now availble on ubuntu snap store:

    sudo snap install notepad-plus-plus


  • I installed Notepad++ via Wine, and later found this post.
    Tried installing it via snap, and it says ‘already installed’?

    I also wondered,
    If I wanted to use Notepad++ from Snap or Wine in Ubuntu (Lubuntu),
    And wanted to do some C++ coding,
    In Windows, there’s a procedure to install Plugins > NppExec , and create a script like below:

    • npp_save
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Dev-Cpp\MinGW64\bin\g++.exe “$(FILE_NAME)”
      cmd /c “$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)\a.exe”

    What is the right procedure for Linux using G++?

  • I did not see anything about why NPP is not native available on Linux. I am okay using it with Wine as I have been doing for a long time, but it would be nice to have a native version.

  • @Guus-Ellenkamp

    Notepad++ is developed using the Win32 api and is solely dependent on it. A native Linux version would require a nearly complete rewrite of the application…and you’d have to be crazy to want to do that.

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