Notepad++ 7.4.1 release

  • @th_user_ and @Daniel-Fuchs

    I don’t believe this is ultra-simple (like via a Preferences option) to change; however it can be done; see this thread for some of the ways:

  • I recently updated to 7.4.1 and have encountered an error when trying to save a newly created text file. Content size does not matter.

    Same Issue as reported:

    The issue is reproducible on my machine but I have not yet ran debugger against it.

    I reverted back to version 7.3.3 and have not been able to reproduce the issue.

  • @Ted-Knetzer

    Please disregard… looks like I was actually running on version 7.4 originally … not 7.4.1

    I updated to 7.4.1 and have not experienced the issue.

  • The document peeker is horrifying. I did not like it at all as

    1. The peek tiles snap up with no delay. I get hit with a blizzard of junk popping up when I moved mouse to the menu bar or over to a tab I wanted to view. You should show the peek tiles only if the person hovers on a tab for (configurable) milliseconds and to default this to about 1000 ms. Once you are in tile display mode I could see that it makes sense to instantly pop up the next tile if someone moves the mouse to the left or right. This would match how the existing hovertip of the full file path works though as the peek tiles are more intrusive the delay should be longer than that for hovertips.

    2. The peek tiles are impossible to read and so contain next to zero useful information. See for a screen shot. Notepad is used to edit text files which all look the same when you shrink them to the size of postage stamps. Maybe it works for Edge’s display of web pages but not so much for text files. You should add a configuration option to allow people to set the peek tile size.

    3. The peek tiles have focus. This causes the main notepad++ window to loose focus and to gray out. This is visually/mentally distracting. It’s startling to have an app’s focus snap off as you are moving the mouse around within notepad++ and happen to pass over the tabs area. I use the classic windows look which has a plain and flat blue title bar. Maybe it works in Aero where you can’t tell at a glance which window has focus. Related to the focus issue is that you can’t work with the peek tiles the way you do with search/replace for example. It also does not make sense that they have focus as the user is not clicking or doing some action to cause the tiles to appear.

  • Hello, @donho

    Some of us detected a major and random bug, in the two menu options, below, with Notepad++ v7.4.1 :-((

    • Search > Replace > Replace All in All Opened documents

    • Search > Find in Files > Replace in Files

    In addition, it’s rather annoying because you cannot determine, easily, how many files are replaced and how many are not !

    Refer to the link, below :

    Don, could you have a look ? Many thanks, in advance, for investigating !

    Best Regards,


  • Regarding the comments on View->Show Symbol->Show White Space.

    I agree that the new space indicator is a bit intrusive when viewing text such as this paragraph in Notepad++. The smaller dot used prior to v7.4 was better for text.

    The larger dot used in v7.4 and v7.4.1 is better for seeing the spaces in long runs of spaces. Even there I normally only care about is space vs. tab. I’d LOVE to see something that made tabs stand out more. I regularly do Ctrl-F, switch to mark tab, search for \t, and mark all. (I probably should do a macro for that one). Sometimes I want to make sure data is tab aligned and other times I want to make sure there are no tabs in use at all in a section of a document.

    If this area were to become configurable then I’d like to see control over:

    • The character, color, and background used to display spaces. For example, some people may prefer to use ⎵ (U+23B5) or ⌂ (U+2302).
    • The characters, color, and background used to display tabs. If I could could control this one I’d go with a orange background and perhaps white foreground.
    • The characters, color, and background used to display symbols such as CR and LF. I’ve always found the existing black background to be distracting.

  • @guy038 said:

    In addition, it’s rather annoying because you cannot determine, easily, how many files are replaced and how many are not !

    I have always used the tab colors for this. Prior to a change/replace on all opened files I do Ctrl-Shift-S to do a save-all. That both makes sure I have a backup of the files available should I make a mistake with that mass search/replace and it changes the colors all of the tabs to be blue. I then do the search-replace using replace-all-in-all-opened-documents. The tabs of the files that were changed turn red.

    Granted - that does not give you a count of the number of files that were changed. I suspect it would be easy to add the count to the status line message though adding a count of the number of files not changed seems like overkill. For example “Replaced 400 occurrences in 304 files. (Search text not found in 196 open files)”

    Related to this is I’d also like to see “Close all that are not dirty” added. Sometimes I have hundreds of files open and use replace-all-in-all-opened-documents. While it’s easy to scroll through the document list using Ctrl-PageDown or Ctrl-PageUp it’s hard to spot the blue/red tabs when scrolling rapidly. Thus I’ve wished for at times a “Close all that are not dirty” feature that would close all files that have not been changed leaving me with just the red tabs. I could then inspect those, using Ctrl-Z (undo), F3 a bunch of times to view the results of the search-text, and Ctrl-Y (redo) as needed to inspect the changes in that file. For now what I’ve been doing is to go to a clean (blue) tab and to hold Ctrl-W (close) down letting the keyboard auto-repeat. That will close long strings of blue tabs. When it hits a red tab the save yes/no? warning pops up. I let go of the Ctrl-W, hit ESC to cancel the warning, and Ctrl-PageDown to the next blue tab. That works but is painful when it’s a random mix of clean/dirty files.

  • Hi, mkupper,

    Oh yes , you’re right ! It just that I, mainly, did all my tests, with the Replace in Files dialog. With that feature, any modified file is automatically re-written ! But, if I click on the Replace All in All Opened Documents button, of the Replace dialog, as Claudia did, the modified files are not saved and, therefore, their icons have the red colour. Unfortunately, some icons keep their blue colour, as not modified :-((

    BTW, I vote for the your more complete message : Replaced xxx occurrences in yyy files

    Best Regards,


  • @mkupper

    I’d also like to see “Close all that are not dirty” added

    This is easy enough to do with a bit of Pythonscripting; here’s

    for (filename, bufferID, index, view) in notepad.getFiles():
        if not editor.getModify():

  • Is it possible to turn off the document peeker - I agree with Mkupper (above), these are really horrible and pointless. I mean unless perhaps I was building images out of coloured characters, I can’t think of anything they would be good for!

  • @David-Bailey

    Settings->Preferences->MISC uncheck Peek on tab etc…


  • Preferences >> MISC. >> Auto-indent, does not work

  • Hello, @андрей-бобровский,

    The auto-indent feature does work for me, on a fresh de-zipped v7.4.1 version of N++, with the default plugins

    So, you should try without any plugin, by renaming,temporary, the Plugins folder or by launching N++ with the -noPlugin option, in a DOS console windows.

    Best Regards,


  • I gave up on this version after it ‘hung’. What seemed to happen was that one window hung with an odd icon in the tab. Other windows still responded.

    I’ll try 7.4.2 when it comes along!


  • @Андрей-Бобровский said:

    Preferences >> MISC. >> Auto-indent, does not work

    Auto-indent works but I suspect it does not do what you expected and so you’ll need to explain more about what you did, what happened, and what you expected. Also, what type (language) of files are you editing? If auto-indent worked for you before then what version of Notepad++ were you using?

    When enabled auto-indent does two things:

    1. it copies the leading spaces/tabs on the current line when you press <enter> to add a new line. For example, in a new/empty file do:
      If auto-indent is enabled then you should see:
      ───>(cursor is here)
      the b and d lines were auto-indented and the last blank line with cursor is also auto-indented to match line d.

    2. Some of the languages supported by Notepad++ employ auto-indenting to make code blocks more visible. If your problem is related to one of languages then you likely should spin off a separate thread unless it’s something that broke when upgrading to v7.4.1.

  • Could you detail a bit more please the certificate chain verification function, and the security / usability trade-offs created by disabling certificate chain validation/verification at start-up?
    Depending on the security sensitivity of each user, this may need to be a configurable option.
    thank you.

  • @Claudia-Frank
    по русский
    Опции - Настройки - Разное - блок Document Peeker галка Peek on tab

  • @ayushkov


    (That’s it :-) - don’t expect more Russian words, the rest I know has to do with cooking, борщ and пельме́ни)

  • I honestly described my opinion bona fide in this thread:

    You absolutely right! The phenomenon is known to modern psychologists as programming addiction. Many programmers never grow up and they can’t live without programming.

    The programmer of Notepad++ showed those disturbing signs beginning with version 6. Granted, he had to fix a few bugs. But he couldn’t control himself and added several features that, in turn, added several bugs. It is the vicious cycle of programming: Add new features, therefore add new bugs, therefore new versions are mandatory.

    The new feature in version 7.4 is a case-in-point for psychologists. The ungrown child had to satisfy his programming addiction by adding that horrendous Browser-like Preview of tabs. The feature is USELESS alright. The problem is, that feature introduced new terrible bugs (Search-and-replace in All open files or In Files on disk).

    The fact that the programmer of Notepad++ doesn’t even say a word about the very serious issue is a strong indication he has a programming addiction. Yes, there is such a psychological impairment: Severe programming addiction.

    The programmer could channel the negative energy in a positive direction. First of all, he has the chance to fix important issues, especially in the search-replace weeds in the garden. He can also make search-replace work directly with multiple lines ending with Windows EOLs. He can also add what coolheaded programmers call margin offset: more than one blank character at the beginning of a line (NOT counted as a blank space in the line). The author can also fix the annoyance (serious bug) of pressing Home and always going to the beginning of the 1st word instead of the beginning of the line starting with empty spaces.

    And, OH! The Npp author has LONG, LONG WAYS TO GO when it comes to HELP. All decent applications have a Help facility that comes with the application. The author wrote a meager PDF file that only lists the menu features of an early version. Chinese, or Japanese, or American, or NOT — you gotta have an F1 Help facility. The user doesn’t have to go to an Internet destination that is not meant for help, but for bickering. Offline help is mandatory. It must describe in at least one sentence what the function does. An example for each function is also a must of decency.

    The fact that the author is addicted to programming is beyond reasonable doubt: He does NOT care what users say. He only cares about his programming drug addiction. Yes, programming can be a drug. Problem is, the addicted programmer needs users. Kids need an audience when they play with their toys. The author of Notepad++ is now in serious danger of losing his audience. Yes, many users became themselves addicted to Npp. But most Notepad++ users take it as a tool; they do NOT worship a piece of software.

    I do NOT worship Notepad++. I stopped at v7.3.3. I should have stopped earlier. Anyone know of a good free text editor that offers column editing? I still strongly recommend Notepad++ to my software users:

    Edit Lottery data Files with Notepad++

    Unfortunately, they are forced to download the latest version, 7.4.1, which is horrendous and buggy!

  • @mkupper
    thanks, a really good light weight Editor NP++ dont need this things… i love NP++ for many years, but this buggy unusual things let MS implement in Win10…

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