Notepad++ 7.4.2 release

  • @th_user_
    I’ll see what can I do for it in the next version.

  • Just a benign question:
    Is Document Peeker still a part of version 7.4.2?

    Peace be with you and this community!

  • @Parpaluck209 Yes, it is. It’s disabled by default from 7.4.2.

  • Thank you Don, creatively axiomatic one!

    Honestly, the addition of the Document Peeker feature makes no sense. It is not only useless, it is also utterly annoying. Just about every Npp user (who upgraded to 7.4.?) expressed the same feeling in this community.

    Furthermore, the addition of that egotistic feature adds to the size of Notepaddd++++. What for? To decrease the speed and lower file size to work with? Users reported that the new feature impeded the opening of very large files (an operation that is still possible in version 7.3.3).

    Thanks, but no, thanks. I stopped the updating of Npp at version 7.3.3 — and I sincerely thank you for a useful editor.

    Peace be with you and this community!

  • @Parpaluck209 Well it’s your own opinion, and bad to hear it’s not useful to you.
    However, some people appreciate this feature.
    Document peeker will be kept in the future versions, though it’s not enabled by default.

  • @donho

    Mr. Axiomatic is back, sorry to say. Don’t pay too much attention to @Parpaluck209 . He got banned as a different user for extreme rudeness, and he came back with a new user name; current reputation level is -12 so he’s probably close to getting banned again.

  • Don, have you considered submitting Notepad++ to the Windows 10 store? Apparently, the process is not so horrible.

    Would get the software in the hands of a lot of folks, also provide an update mechanism.

  • I’m trying the installer and its only in German? I used the zip file and it worked fine. This is an awesome editor.

  • Can we get the Find & Replace dialog’s old search direction controls back? Where we can click/alt-u/alt-d to set searching up/down, and the setting is saved between searches and program reloads.

    Compared to that, the new << Find/Find >> button setup isn’t working out for me, so for now I’ll revert.

    Fake edit: ^even compared to shift-enter that I didn’t know existed until just now. Call me lazy, but spamming enter alone is easier on the hand than holding down another key while enter-spamming in huge docs (which I do a lot of).

  • I LOVE the new << Find/Find >> buttons. Makes searching up or down so much easier.

  • @richlux Shift-enter searches upwards too, for less mouse usage.

  • I noticed that the Find dialog is now RESIZEABLE. Cool! This opens up some space on the “word”, “case” and “wrap” checkboxes…I was thinking of customizing the text on those to put some regex help text on there (to the right of the existing text) as a mind-jogger when I’m writing a regex search. I know I was able to customize the text on menus and controls in the past with Notepad++, but I can’t seem to remember how I did that–or at least what I think I remember isn’t working. Is there a tutorial or a posting on how to do that? (Search on this site is POOR).

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    I assume you’re thinking of the localization xml files aren’t you.
    The one like english_customizable.xml?
    Or am I on the wrong track?


  • @Claudia-Frank

    Well, I tried changing some text (e.g. for the Wraparound checkbox) in english_customizable.xml and then selecting that in the Preferences, but nothing changed with the text for the checkbox, even after restarting. My bad memory says there is something else to effect this, but I can’t remember what…any other ideas from others welcome…

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    worked for me if I understood your wish correctly.
    Edited xml, restarted npp and selected the customized one.


  • Hello, @alan-kilborn and @claudia-frank,

    Claudia, I had, exactly, the same idea ! But I have not posted anything yet, because, unfortunately, I noticed that this user text is truncated, after some characters :-((

    Just do a second try, with, for instance, the xml line, below, of the english-cutomizable.xml file, in the localization folder :

    <Item id="1603" name="Match &amp;whole word only. Here is the text added in the 'Match whole word' option "/>

    Best Regards,


  • @guy038

    yes, you are right - looks like the length is limited to 32 chars
    (did not check the code but did a simple test with one of the fields)

    the changes should be done immediately if you switch between two localized xmls.


  • Is it available for mac??

  • Question: why the official distribution of Notepad++ still includes “Plugin Manager 1.3.5” while version 1.4.5 is available since May?


  • Thanks for all the job on this new version. I found something with the new Find dialog when used in spanish laguage, the text “Buscar siguiente” (Find Next) is bigger than the button control, also the check box “En la selección” looks like it beelongs only to the “Reemplazar todo” (Replace All) button. It works as expected, it just looks wierd.
    link text

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