Notepad++ 7.5 release

  • @Michael-DiGregorio If we use << Find & Find >> buttons, we have to delete the direction option. But then we remove the replace backward ability. That’s the reason of this rolling back.
    However, in the current state we can always use Enterfor next and Shift + Enter for previous.

  • @donho

    You made the masses love the << Find and Find >> thing, however briefly! (Not me however as I quickly saw what it broke!)

    There has been discussion in other threads that the following series of buttons could make people happy:

    << Find and Find >>
    << Replace and Replace >>
    << Replace All and Replace All >>

  • @donho
    Well I deleted mine, but I’m talking about something like this. (random Google Image)

    Just replace that BingoCard thing with Notepad++, and that’s what I’m talking about.

    PS. Oh and another reason… All that wasted space here :P

  • As always, thanks for your wonderful software :)

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but are you guys looking into updating Scintilla to its latest version regularly? I’ve been stumbling upon some issues with N++ that should be fixed with a newer Scintilla version (heredoc highlighting and tabs in column mode, for example).

  • @ImSpecial

    PS. Oh and another reason… All that wasted space here

    Nice try :)

  • @juanmalunatic It has been a while that Scintilla has not been updated.
    We will update it in the next major version.

  • And which one will be the next major version with the updated scintilla? Will there be also an update to VS2015 and of the boost version?

  • @donho Sad to hear about the removal of the plugin manager especially before a replacement is available. I spent quite some time in preparing the plugin manager for x64 together with Dave and unfortunately it was not clear that this is a dead end from your point of view. At least I could understand that Dave is not willing to pay for the server by his own and needs a sponsor for it.

    Is there any discussion/planning on how the new plugin system should look like? You may consider how x64 pluginlist is hosted without a dedicated server, see

  • @chcg said:

    Is there any discussion/planning on how the new plugin system should look like? You may consider how x64 pluginlist is hosted without a dedicated server, see

    What about hosting PluginManager on Npp server. This way, PluginManager adds could be removed.

  • @donho
    thanks for the quick fix
    (commit bd025df18fc115f34dac44017e51c466dd27ba41, Fix some excluded language cannot be remembered bug)

    all languages, idm_lang+63 and above now stay disabled correctly

  • @donho

    I wanna bring this up again so it doesn’t get looked over, but was there a reason Notepad++ now creates an empty folder in “AppData/Local/Notepad++”?

    Quite a few people are pretty annoyed that this program is no longer stealth anymore. The folder seems to serve no purpose either, I’m hoping this is a bug.

  • @chcg As an NPP users, I’m also very disappointed. Seems like backward thinking. I have no problem with a small advertisement, and I expect 99% of people don’t have a problem either. Not every developer can afford to work for free AND pay high bandwidth costs. I hope this is re-considered.

  • @Jonathan-H

    Choosing yourself to put ads in your software is one thing. Having it chosen for you is totally different. You can still use the PluginManager you just have to install it manually first.


    Not sure if you’ve been following the recent Scintilla development but v3.7.6 is a long term release branch before the v4.0+ moves to a much newer C++ compiler (i.e. MSVC 2017). Depending on future development plans of Notepad++ this might be something to keep in mind.

  • @chcg
    Actually, even the list from is hosted on the server provided by the sponsors. Github just does the hosting of the source and then a job runs on travis-ci to upload any changes. Github told me i couldn’t host the list directly (without paying) as it is not the software itself.

    I’m disappointed too that this decision has been taken, but I can understand it even if I don’t agree with it.

    What I’m more disappointed about is the way in which it has been gone about: just removing it and starting development on a whole new management system, rather than trying to solve the problem at hand.

    It’s likely this replacement solution will cause splintering in the community as plugin authors try to work out how to release a new plugin or an update. This doesn’t seem like the best solution for the community, and replacing the code of the plugin manager is replacing the part that works, without solving the problem it had.

    I’m approaching this as I would have hoped it would have been approached before the removal:

    The plugin lists and authorisation server need to be hosted somewhere. I’ve already got cloudflare setup taking the bulk of the bandwidth (this month was 127Gb transfer), so actually the traffic to the main server is pretty low.

    If someone / some company is willing to provide the hosting for free, without adverts, then this is what we need:

    Ideally a root server with a kernel that supports docker, but really just a server that can run a node.js server is fine. 2Gb RAM, 1CPU, roughly 1-2GB of transfer each month (due to cloudflare taking most of it). If it’s not with root access, there are some other requirements so that the interface with admin system works - I can provide details if anyone would like them.

    If you don’t have hosting available, but are able to pay for hosting without adverts, then we’d need something like a digital ocean $20/month setup.

    If we can’t find another solution and Don goes ahead with the reimplementation, when that is available I’ll deprecate the plugin manager and stop the hosting in order to ensure there aren’t competing solutions. The plugin list may stop being available sooner than that as the sponsors may withdraw their support.

    Thanks for your support for the last 8 years.


  • I’ve just received an offer from the sponsors to continue without the logo, and just with the text.

    @donho how does that sound? I totally understand either way.

  • BUG

    Notepad++ crashes at launch if the recently opened files (in the last session) can’t be found.

    P.S.: “Remember current session for next launch” option is checked in Settings>Preferences…>Backup.

    The problem was fixed after I manually edited config.xml file and removed the files located in <History> section.
    I also suspect that it also might have something to do with “&” character in file names, as it is converted to “&amp” sign inside config file.

  • No longer able to remove unneeded (programming) languages. I can go through the steps, but when I close and reopen notepad++, the languages are back.

  • @sbaumann-hm You might want to read some of the other posts above.

  • @donho
    在win10下,如果修改过的文件,在不保存的情况下,重启windows(restart os),会丢失sessions,这个bug从6.9.2以来,就一直存在

  • From the 7.4.2 Announcement thread:

    For the View->Show Symbol->Show White Space and Tab option, is there any way to restore the previous size of the dot used to indicate a space character? It looks much more prominent now and I would like to be able to revert to the previous size if at all possible.

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