Notepad++ 7.5 release

  • @Thunder-T
    Cannot reproduce it at all in v7.5 64 bits.
    Could you copy your debug info here?

  • @ImSpecial

    I wanna bring this up again so it doesn’t get looked over, but was there a reason Notepad++ now creates an empty folder in “AppData/Local/Notepad++”?
    Quite a few people are pretty annoyed that this program is no longer stealth anymore. The folder seems to serve no purpose either, I’m hoping this is a bug.

    It’s indeed a bug. It’ll be fixed in the next release.
    Thank you for the heads up.

  • I (CosmicPenguin2 @CosmicPenguin2) have been hanging out for months in helping people. Now lots of them are asking how to get the missing Plugin Manager, and I or dail8859 have to answer them. Many users are technically naive and will have difficulties manually placing files into program directories. Removing the Plugin Manager was a very aggravating “solution” to a non-existent “problem”. Nobody ever complained about the ad in it. Please put it back until you’ve written and debugged the new one. Thanks for all your wonderful work!

  • @Donho
    I’m not sure, if it was a good idea to remove the existing plugin manager as long as there is no other one available. This leaves people without anything left. And their system might have plugin files left, which they now have to remove manually (in case of uninstallation before a re-installation).

    The removal of Dave’s plugin manager in such a way (no communication, no thanking for all the contribution, no previous announcement, creation of a “competing” plugin manager) will probably not increase others sympathy for the Notepad++ project. I am personally not happy in which way one free project kicked another free project out… especially a project (the plugin manager), which contributed so much to the Notepad++ community for so many years, and which allowed other developers to create plugins for this editor. Imho, a quite big part of Notepad++'s success can be attributed to Dave’s plugin manager and the plugins of developers, which extended Notepad++'s functionality significantly. Seeing how many gigabytes traffic alone the plugin list produces, it would be interesting to estimate, how many people used plugins through the plugin manager’s distribution system.

    I just wanted to say this personal opinion as a plugin developer, because I’m not sure if I would like to continue to contribute to this project in the future.

  • I just wanted to strongly second @StanDog 's post. For me, the magic of Notepad++ is purely in the Plugin Manager. There are numerous text editors out there. And no offense, there’s nothing that special about that. What IS (or WAS) special about np++ was I could jump on and immediately tap into an amazing community and library of plugins to do…anything. Need to parse an XML file? JSLint some minimized JSON? Text markup for some legacy ColdFusion site? Done. No problem.

    Now you’ve yanked the rug out from under everybody, with no replacement, and no acknowledgement. And all because of a silly sponsor ad? Not only have you removed the plugin bootstrapper, but you’ve potentially fractured the community, as now there is uncertainty about where the definitive plugin repo is / will be.

    I know I can manually find, download, and install the PM dll but that’s not the point. Who wants to have to manually configure their text editor before they can get to work?

  • @donho said:

    @juanmalunatic It has been a while that Scintilla has not been updated.
    We will update it in the next major version.

    When you do, watch out for the change in text selection behaviour introduced in Scintilla 3.7.3:
    “Display block caret over the character at the end of a selection to be similar to other editors.”

    I’ve written the details at the Scintilla bug report:

    We are discussing what to do about this in two other editors that use Scintilla:

    If we end up doing our own patch to fix this, it would be good to coordinate Notepad++, Geany and Textadept to avoid having different APIs in each editor.

  • @Donho, has there been any further conversation with @bruderstein around a potential solution for the plugin manager issue. I just want to second the thoughts of @StanDog and @Neil-Laslett that outright removal without any discussion (that we can see) is a bit frustrating.

    I love Notepad++. It’s fast and always works and I intend to continue using it. I also love the Plugin Manager. I’m used to it always being available and it too does exactly what I expect it to quickly and reliably. What can we do to help return this relationship to where it once was?

  • @bruderstein said:

    I’ve just received an offer from the sponsors to continue without the logo, and just with the text.

    @donho how does that sound? I totally understand either way.

    Just my 2 cents as an end user. I think that sounds reasonable. It’s not too different from putting an attribution in for using an open source library.

  • Any updates on the new version of plugin manager as mentioned in your post?
    Has any work started on a new Plugin Manager as it is about to be going on a year.
    Please let us know with an update.


  • @Vinod-Jacob

    Any updates on the new version of plugin manager

    I don’t think you are going to see any replies to that query from the N++ author. Maybe the best you can do is look in the codebase for related commits and infer status from that. Example: I see something on 2018-04-30 that seems related…

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