Notepad++ UWP package in Windows store - almost there

  • Here’s my answer about Notepad++ on Windows Store:

  • For the record, I think it is for the best this way. As long as there are two different things out there calling themselves “Notepad++”…no matter how well-intentioned it is…we’ve got a support nightmare.

  • @donho and for a moment I thought folks were going to be reasonable and awesome ;)

    So as per I will maintain this as a fork. Folks dont need to use it if they dont want to. The name is being changed to Notepad++ Fork on the 7.5.6 update that is pending now.

    Also just had a search on the TESS database… I cant see a trademark? I also think the word “Notepad” is to generic to trademark. Logo possibly… but then again its included in the codebase and such that is under GPL.

    Totally happy to work with you all, if you would like to transfer this fork to the notepad++ team and organization. Until then I will do my best to mitigate @Scott-Sumner 's support concern issue. If someone does create an issue to do with the packaging of the notepad++ fork in the store, feel free to assign it to myself (and point out its unofficial).

  • @jakevis You’re awesome, keep up the good work!
    I see the good software like Paint .NET appear in the Store (which I bought BTW), and thus as a user I don’t actually care about those “stability” or supporting issues, I just want this software to be in the Store. If @donho can’t do this – you can do this instead.

  • @jakevis The logo on the MS store front is likely what’s disputed. That particular image seems to have been taken from the website and not from the repository.

  • @AngryGamer mm OK thanks. I do think I took that from a Google image search… On the 10th try to get the size right (so lots of copy right breaches out there I guess ;))

    As soon as this update is through certification I’ll do another to update that as well. New image I am playing with is on github.

  • Just wanted to loop back to this one - now its been about 4 months since release. We are sitting at about 85000 installs, with 3000-5000 new “acquisitions” a week (averaging that since may). There a few hickups in the first set of packages (to do with how config is saved), and some continuing issues with how plugins can not be installed on Win10S machines (unless included and signed in the store package)… but other than that… things seem stable. The build process + packaging overhead is down to less than 10min.

    If folks would like to re-assess the fork to see if it will work as an official release (and move it over) let me know… happy to continue to support that as an official version… or ill continue as it is, as an unofficial fork. LMK.

    Cheers - Jake

  • I can confirm, that it is great to have notepad++ in the store. The updates are applied silently without any problems and all other great notepad++ features are working as they should.

    I would love to see Jakes work applied to the official project.

  • We run a windows server domain the only way we can use notepad++ is by jakevis port to the store. The issue I have is odd I can not use my work or school email to leave you a 5 star review on the store. It wants me to log in with a windows hello account. While I could do that, we do not mix work PC’s with Home Log ins.

  • FYI if your code is on github you can and should expect people to take it and port it to the store if they like what it does if you have not done it. WHY DO YOU THINK MS BOUGHT GIT HUB? To port useful stuff to its store! Approved store apps are one of the only safe ways MS recommends deploying apps to roaming profiles in domains. AND fyi if anyone ports Irfan View to the store I will love you forever. Right now I have to side load it and use admin rights to install.

    BTW I used notepad ++ from the store to save this the 20 minutes while I waited to post it for being a new user…

  • @TFA-Web-Master

    This forum is provided for discussion of the real Notepad++, not the “fake” version in the store that it’s “author” won’t give a different name to. That version should have its own forum; please take any further discussion about that product to that forum, wherever it is, to avoid confusion with real Notepad++.

  • @Scott-Sumner Just to be clear… this version is “as real” as the packaged versions currently running on Ubuntu or OSX. Only minor modifications have been made to the code in order to meet store policies - but otherwise its original (and its on GitHub so you can verify that). I am now also using appveyor to fully automate the build process. There is no reason why Don or team could not publish this themselves… or publish this version officially.

    And thanks @kristian-b @TFA-Web-Master :) - FWIW… new version is going through store certification now (I was a little slow off the batt pushing the update through)

  • @jakevis said:

    Only minor modifications have been made to the code

    That is what makes it a different product.

  • @Scott-Sumner … if you say so. Its 5 lines; and 3 of those are me pointing to my own signing certificate instead of the original. This is the only other change (the remaining 2 lines)…


    If upstream would like to remove that cmd run dialog, Notepad++ would be fully compliant with store policies, and no code changes would be required at all.

    As always, if someone from the core team would like to publish an official version of Notepad++ to the windows store (so users of Win 10S, or under app control enforcement) are still able to use this great tool - I will fully support them in doing so, and move my deployment over to them (or I will also transfer my repo if you prefer to keep it as a different branch).

    If users run into a bug on the store version… chances are its a bug on the native version as well. There is no differences there.

  • @jakevis

    I still believe the “team” doesn’t want the product on the Store, for whatever the reason. That should be the end of it.

  • @Scott-Sumner 163,334 Installs and 15000-18000 daily active user sessions would imply they should reconsider that…

  • As donho seems no to be actively working at that task (also he did in the past) i think it is ok to have a guy who takes that place in the meantime until donho makes a clear statement if the current state is ok and official or he would like to take care on it.

    Seems the necessary changes for the store could be made configurable (build parameters of dynamic config values) and added as PR to the upstream project

  • So AFAIK when changes are made to Notepad++ they are done in the form of a PR. If @donho chooses to accept the PR then it is so done, otherwise it is not done (obviously). So the proper way to have gone about this would have been to prepare a PR, say “hey, Don, here’s a PR for the Windows Store” (hint: all the work is done for you, you just have to adopt it by accepting this PR), and wait and see what happens with it. If it gets accepted, Great. If not, you have to swallow that and move on.

    @chcg, I’m kind of surprised at your stance on this. The fact that Don worked on this in the past isn’t all that relevant. For all we know he hit something he didn’t like and decided not to move forward with it. His project, his prerogative. It’s nice when he shares his reasoning with us, but he’s under no obligation to do so.

    And sure, open source is open source. Do what you like with it. But I personally have a problem with what was done, because it inserts something that appears (to the masses) to be Notepad++ into a major distribution channel. And regardless of how little was changed, it is not Notepad++.

    I’m surprised Don didn’t work harder to get the fork taken down from the Store or at least significantly renamed. But…again because we are in the dark…maybe he did and was unsuccessful. I’m sure the people at Microsoft weren’t in a big hurry to side with him.

    I really don’t have much more to say about it–for which I’m sure some people are glad. :-)

  • Thanks @chcg - at some point here I will get a PR in to atleast see if he will take the dynamic config values to remove run… although signing verification will still be a PITA unless he can also build and sign versions with that set. This is one of those things where colaberation would be great.

    In an ideal state… would get another repo, with all the packaging components - embedded plugins, Lang files, config files ect. You could then have a separate appveyor config to build the upstream with the right flag, sign, and package. Thats a little more work than just a PR unfortunately - but once setup - like my repo there is very little overhead.

    @Scott-Sumner said:
    open source is open source

    Yep… and I think thats why MS let it stay in the store. That and this thread where I am totally willing to let Don manage it if he wants - if not - well its a legit clone under GPL. Note a fake… not a different product… a fork yes, but its still notepad++ just avalible to the masses. Lets also not forget this is out there:

    This is not the only instance where someone other than Don is maintaining a packaged version of the in a main stream store.

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