Notepad++ 7.5.3 release

  • hahaha - now I understand my grammar mistake


  • @donho is available, maybe you wanna update your bundled version for the next release of N++.

  • @Scott-Sumner @dail
    LOL. I know “no news is good news”, but still, if people can confirm that bugs has been fixed in this release, it’ll be great :)

  • @Scott-Sumner said:

    Hopefully @donho doesn’t announce that he’s been using Sublime exclusively for six months now and all the rest of us losers better get with the program! :-D

    That’ll be a good April Fools’ Day prank !

  • I hadn’t seen any of the 7.5.2 bugs, other than noticing that themes weren’t installed. The directory is populated now, so they seem to be installed now (in that the directory is populated): that appears to be fixed. :-)

    (EDIT: even better prank would be to recommend that all your users buy a copy of UE or some other expensive text editor ;-)

  • @PeterJones said:

    (EDIT: even better prank would be to recommend that all your users buy a copy of UE or some other expensive text editor ;-)

    Ultra Edit, the old good time :)

  • @donho and @PeterJones said:

    Ultra Edit

    After MultiEdit died…and before I found N++…I tried UE…I remember wanting to like it SO MUCH!
    But I just couldn’t…it felt like a toy that only non-power-users could use.
    I’ll take N++… ~1,860 warts and all… :-)

  • So possibly a regression in startup speeds, and I’m guessing it has to do with the newly “DSpellCheck” plugin that’s been added because that’s the only thing I can think of that has changed, anyway prior versions of NP++ started up near instantly, now however there is a small delay when launching, the cursor shows the little loading wheel and everything. I really dislike this since I don’t even use this plugin (if that’s the cause.).

  • I hadn’t seen any of the 7.5.2 bugs (i’m using a Windows 7 64bits with Brazilian Portuguese language).

    But I’m having problem with 2 plugin’s DLLs:

    1. SelectNLauch.dll (from Select ‘N’ Lauch plugin)
      Trying update from installed version 1.0 to available version 2.1 results
      in the following message: “It has not been possible to validate the integrity of…”.
      Clicking OK (to continue the install anyway) not work.

    2. CSVQuery.dll (from CSV Query plugin)
      Trying update from installed version 1.1 to available versions 1.2 results
      in the same integrity version BUT, this time, click em OK (continue anyway) installs the DLL.

    Sorry about my English. :)

  • @OverlordBR Your issues seem to be plugin manager issues. I guess you faced it with the 32bit version of N++. The one for the CSVQuery I corrected right now. The correct place to report such issues is

  • @donho

    sorry for not being online the last 2 days due to my normal job, otherwise you’d have at least one upvote on your release, which “could” have kept you from shortly losing your admirable long term temper.

    i love your work and admit that i’m also guilty for enjoying new or corrected/enhanced npp features without giving any compliments or feedback unless i encounter a bug.

    greetings, metachuh

  • Donho,

    Thanks for fixing the bug I reported in 7.5.2, where NP++ didn’t always display the correct cursor!


  • I’m pretty casual user, and have installed this version on a replacement work laptop. I am missing the Plug In Manager despite having installed the 32bit version. Am I missing something?

    Thank you.

  • Hello, @Don-Ho,

    I can understand how frustrating it can be to get no feedback on your N++ improvements, on each release !

    Personally, it could just mean that the majority of N++ users are “globally” satisfied of present N++ features :-)) ( I know : work is NEVER finished ! )

    Just console yourself in knowing that, every second, many people, all over the world, are typing in, with N++, to elaborate various projects ! And when you type the first four letters note, N++ is the second pertinent Google answer ( just after the new Samsung note8 ) : not so bad, isn’t it ?!

    As for me, I didn’t post anything about this last version, as I, principally, use a 7z-portable version, without the need of an installer ! But I must admit that I have not commented the release’s announces, since a long time, too :-(

    May I ask you, Don, if you planned a new Scintilla release, for soon ? I bet that, this time, you should get a lot of beta-testers, to find out possible bugs and test the benefit of that new Scintilla release :-))

    Many thanks, again, Don and the different contributors, for all the work done, to improve that awesome product !

    Best Regards,


  • @chcg thanks!

  • Thanks for the hard work donho, npp is now mildly less buggy… AMAZING!

  • @donho

    I’m still using 6.8.3, but maybe I’ll be ready to make a useful comment on version 7.5.3 in a few years. :-)

    If I had not run across NPP, I imagine I eventually would have found some other editor that would have let me navigate the UEFI codebase. But, I am quite sure I would not have been nearly as productive.

    Many, many thanks for the effort!

  • Thanks for your efforts.

    It seems to have some error in ‘Autodetect character encoding’ feature.
    My text file is encoded in Korean EUC-KR or Windows 949.
    Npp 7.5.3 detects this file as Chinese GB2312.
    But Npp 7.4.2 detects it correctly as Korean EUC-KR.

    Please, check it again.

  • Donho,

    I would praise you fulsomely if you found a solution to my problem with the search box - described some time ago. Basically, I really don’t want options such as whole-word-search, case sensitive, or no wrap around to remain in effect after I have used them. This causes confusion because later searches fail.

    My suggestion would be that whenever the search window is closed - either explicitly or by closing NPP - these options should revert to their default values. The current defaults seem sensible, but maybe the defaults could be configurable.

    These options are very useful on a one-off basis, but as it is I hesitate to use them in case I accidentally forget to cancel them after use.

  • Thank you and congrats for the excellent and very useful editor Notepad++ is!

    I’d like to contribute with reporting what may be a bug.

    I’m receiving error:

    curl error
    Unsupported proxy 'https://<user>:<password>@<server>/', libcurl is built without the HTTPS-proxy support.

    When I’m trying to update Notepad++ on menu ? | Update Notepad++.

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