Notepad++ 7.5.3 release

  • @go2to said:

    A loyal visitor and user put it eloquently:
    “Be thankful it hasn’t gone the other way? LOL BTW… still on 7.2.2 — thank you for THAT one…”

    You’re talking about me…

    no, No, NO…that’s not what I meant (hopefully nobody else , esp. @donho, interpreted it that way)!

    The real reason I’m still on 7.2.2 is:

    I’m just too LAZY to upgrade!

    [I use a very customized portable install and it takes a lot of work to upgrade it]


  • It seems to have some error in ‘Autodetect character encoding’ feature.
    My text file is encoded in OEM 852.
    Npp 7.5.3 and 7.5.2 detects this file as OEM 737.
    But Npp 7.5.1 detects it correctly as OEM 852.


  • @Kerad-Nifares

    This is a known bug in v7.5.2 and v7.5.3 so I’d suggest you stick with v7.5.1 for the time being.

    Pull request to fix the issue is here

  • @donho
    What about two proposals for improvement?

    1. What about to insert in find - replace dialog a button to switch the find field value with the replace field value?
    2. And what about to implement a real ruler? ------ not that one to insert into text as ASCII text it self… a little bit awful and not really useful

    I know there is a plug-in for the ruler out there but it is a bit bugged: it doesn’t zoom accordingly with the text content on Ctrl+mouse wheel.

    Almost forgot:
    Thank you so much and best compliments for the beautiful job done.

  • still on 7.4.2, thank you
    and now try vscode & sublime-text to dev reactjs

  • I really like Notepad and been using it for quite awhile now. However … ever since 7.5.3, I will occasionally get an error when doing a save which causes windows (8.1) to close Notepad. The error apparently causes Notepad to wipe out the document that I was trying to save and so I lose everything that was on it. This has happened more than 4 times so far. No clue what is causing the error as Notepad doesn’t give me an error but does something that causes Window to end the program. Never had this problem in the earlier versions.

  • @Joe-Abdo

    welcome to the np++ community

    do you have another windows 7 pc (any release/service pack) or windows 10 pc (any release/service pack) where you can try to reproduce all steps done in 8.1 that lead to your force close of np++ and your loss of your document ?

    or can you reproduce this behavior in windows 8.1 by specifically doing a sequence of steps ?

    if not, it might be only occurring on your current 8.1 installation

    you can avoid losing everything by enabling session snapshot and periodic backup in the settings menu:
    settings > preferences > backup > enable session snapshot and periodic backup

    (you can set the backup interval in seconds)

    hint: if it was already enabled, you might find your lost files in the backup path shown on your backup settings page

  • @Meta-Chuh Thanks for the backup reminder, I’ll check on the settings! Meanwhile, I do have access to a windows 10 pc, though most of the time I’m using Notepad on the 8.1. I’ll try some things and see if I can figure out a way of consistently reproducing what is happening.
    Also I was curious to see if I was the only one having this problem. Thanks for the assist!

  • I found the 64-bit version of the plugin manager and dropped the files for it in the Plugins folder. All it working for me now.

  • @Joe-Abdo There was an issue with the DSpellPlugin, bundled with N++ since 7.5.2 again. The fix is available with 7.5.4 or by an update of the DSpellPlugin, see With version 1.3.5 the issue should disappear.

  • Holy Moly, you have absolutely saved me!!! Adobe Bridge is so STUPID that every time you upgrade all keywords are blown away! Each image that I have has the keywords in the exif data but the list of keywords is gone. So since I’ve slept since creating these I forget just exactly how I have things organized. With EXIFTOOL (executed at the command level (DOS)) I can get the keywords and with Notepad++ I can add them into the xml file.
    There are probably many other more exciting things to do with Notepad++ but I love it for this simple use.

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