Notepad++ 7.5.6: A message from outer space

  • Just checked, monitoring (tail -f) is just working fine on XP! Nice!

  • Ever since updating to Notepad++ 7.5.6 (I skipped 7.5.4/7.5.5) every now and then startup takes a very long time (~5-10 seconds). Usually it’s fast (<1s). It does not depend on wether Notepad++ was launched before or not, it just happens statistically every now and then when launching.

    Is anybody else experiencing htis behavior and was any code touched since 7.5.3 that could cause such a performance regression?

  • @Ede123 Hi! I might be in the same update routine as you are and I notice this behaviour as well. I also cannot tell when exactly this happens, it seems quite random.

  • I think I found the culprit: Update checking by JSTool plugin. :-/

  • I must say, the old style Open dialog box sucks. It’s so much better when you can use the address bar in the dialog box to browser around, and not that select style.
    Also having to return one directory at a time instead of clicking on the one you want is not cool.

  • @Marvin-Santos said:

    the old style Open dialog box sucks.

    Agreed, but it is a personal choice; I’m sure some people must like it…

    But since you even bothered to mention it I presume you either don’t know about this config option, or you don’t have it ticked ?? :

    Settings (menu) -> Preferences… -> Default Directory (box on left) -> Use new style dialog ( blah blah blah )

    In short, tick the box for Use new style dialog ( blah blah blah )

  • @Scott-Sumner thanks!

    Honestly I never knew that was an option, as it has always been the “new style” since I started using this software a long time ago.


  • Can you solve this problem if you look at it? Thank you.

  • Please modify the website for 64bit update url!!!

  • Updated yesterday. Crashed multiple times while having a few large files (up to 70mb) open. Crashed also while saving a smaller file (~100kb, large files where open at the same time) => The content of the file I wanted to save was completly deleted afterwards!

    Windows 10

  • @Esel-Eselsbert,
    chances to get it fixed are much higher when explicit step-by-step guide is provided to reproduce the problem, plus it has been verified that the problem is reproducible with fresh Notepad++ (either unpacked from the .zip archive or installed), plus it has been verified it is reproducible without plugins.

  • Hello, not sure if this is the right place for bug report, my apology in advance if this is the wrong place…

    Bug: when using move to other view or Compare plugin, in both cases having two docs open and the respective action causing tab of second doc to be in middle of tab area, the right window increases in font size by one value. For example if both windows are 10 before the action, then after the action the right window is now 11 and left is still 10. This makes it difficult to compare code line by line since the lines do not “line up” due to differing font size.

  • Turkish language is not working.

  • Notepad++ There are also two crashes

    1/open“notepad ++ / themes/” to create a new .xml file. Set the <GlobalStyles> tag under the child tag <WidgetStyle>, Set the value "name "> 70 bytes, reopen the notepad++ select “settings” - “style configurator” - “test.xml” program collapse
    and it destroys the memory。
    2/ open “notepad ++ / themes/” to create a new .xml file. Set the <GlobalStyles> tag under the child tag <WidgetStyle> and set the fontStyle property. When the “fontStyle” value is greater than 6, the positive 6 bits, and the negative 7 bits, reopen the notepad++ and select “settings”–“style configurator”-- The “test.xml” program crash

  • I wander if anyone else had noticed this, but when I have a document map displayed and move Notepad++ window, the map’s background color and highlight of the currently displayed section remains in place.

  • Yes, I noticed that too.

    It would be good if that were fixed.

  • Bugs with “default directory” settings and environment variables. Personally I use npp as a simple IDE, but in this version when I try running command, the gcc reports “No such file or directory”. And, everytime saving new file, it does locate in the installed dir but not my last-opened dir.

  • Bug in saving text language

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open *.c file
    2. Observe that text is in one style (not any language is selected)
    3. Go to drop-box Language->C->C# or C++
    4. Observe that text style is updated.
    5. Close NPP
    6. Open NPP
    7. Observe that default text style but expected is C# or C++

    OS - Windows 10 (64b)


  • @Андрій-Мащак

    could it be that you have C language removed from Languages?
    Did you check if the extension is registered in any of the defined langauges in langs.xml?

    If I open a c file, npp selects the C lexer


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