last modified date in status bar?

  • @dail

    unfortunately not, as python script hasn’t been updated with recent npp messages yet.


  • @Claudia-Frank

    Ah. Thanks for clarifying.

  • @dail
    Nice, I will be using your script then.
    When is the release of the next version of luascript?


  • Not sure. You can download a prelease though.

    Just drop the DLL in with the other plugins. Edit the startup script with Plugins > LuaScript > Edit startup script and put the above code in there, save, and restart Notepad++.

  • Thanks. the code works.

  • I think I’ve found a bug:

    I had around 10 tabs opened in npp, and my work shift is close to the end so I decided to close npp, so I pressed the x in the top right corner to find out that:

    there was a file open which was attached to an email,
    it was opened as read-only originally,
    I clicked on edit -> clear read-only and I edited it,
    I never saved it,

    the date on the bottom left corner is updated continuously/ every minute that passes (on the clock), even though I’m not saving it (I can see a star on the top left corner - the star that means that the file is not saved),
    I opened the containing folder and the file doesn’t exist there,
    I’m using autosave plugin to run every time focus is switched off
    from the current file as well

    edit: more likely its an autosave bug

  • @patrickdrd

    something is strange here - how can python get a modified timestamp if the file doesn’t exist at all??
    The autosave plugin could explain why you see the continuous update of the timestamp
    but only if there is a file which can be saved.
    Sorry, but, are you really sure that the file doesn’t exist?


  • yes, I checked in windows explorer, it should be easy to reproduce it yourself

  • I’m also using the lua script too, not the python one

  • @patrickdrd

    The Lua I posted above simply askes the operating system (i.e. Windows) when the file was last modified. Even if the file isn’t being saved from Notepad++, it would appear something else is changing the file’s modification timestamp.

  • @dail

    Hi dail, I just tested your script today and it is not working anymore on notepad++ v7.5.8

    Can you please also check it and maybe we can come up with a fix.

    File:8: attempt to index a nil value (global 'winfile')
    stack traceback:
        File:8: in function <File:3>
    Lua 5.3.4  Copyright (C) 1994-2017, PUC-Rio

  • lua script implementation works fine with 7.5.8

  • It does, but this particular code does not work for me as of this date. I fear windows OS might have changed something, since this script calls something from the OS.

    npp.AddEventHandler({"OnSave", "OnSwitchFile", "OnLangChange"}, function()
        -- Make sure it is a "real" file first
        if npp:GetCurrentDirectory() == "" then
        local text = npp.LanguageDescription[npp.BufferLangType[npp.CurrentBufferID]] .. " - " ..'%d/%m/%Y %H:%M', winfile.attributes(npp:GetFullCurrentPath(), "modification"))
        npp.StatusBar[STATUSBAR_DOC_TYPE] = text

  • My guess is that since it is reporting winfile as null then you do not have a version of LuaScript that supports this. The official v0.7.1 available via the plugin manager will not work. You have to grab one of the versions listed above.

  • dail, I can see that the latest beta version of your plugin is v0.7.1.23

    But, there isn’t a built .dll file for this, so I downloaded the source and the MSVS told me that I don’t have the xp v14.00 tools installed or something. So, I launched the MSVS installer and installed that under c++ tools. And then, when I tried to build it I got a whole bunch of errors.

    Here is a screenshot of the errors:

    So… Can you please give me more instructions on how to build this or you can release a .dll of v0.7.1.23

    Simply opening LuaScript.sln in MSVS and pressing f7 does not do anything like you say in your description page.
    Can you please update that area which deals with how to build LuaScript from source?

    Thanks man…

  • But, there isn’t a built .dll file for this

    There are no official releases yet but there are some one Appveyor.

    Can you please give me more instructions on how to build this or you can release a .dll of v0.7.1.23

    Not really because I’m not sure what is causing those errors. There seems to be some configuration issues beyond anything LuaScript related because it is not finding platform toolsets or even “windows.h” header files. Also I’m not quite ready to create any official releases as there are still some problems I need to address before then.

    Can you please update that area which deals with how to build LuaScript from source?

    No because that is all that needs done assuming MSVC is configured correctly. The Appveyor script is simply calling msbuild and it compiles it.

    So…did you try one of the releases above I suggested using? If so did they work for you?

  • Yea, those builds worked.

    It was my own fault, I copied an earlier .dll by accident which doesn’t have that feature. Your guess was right.

    Also, I am looking forward to the next release. Let me know if you need a tester or very simple code work, I would love to be of help : ) : )

    See ya,

  • @SalviaSage

    Testing is always appreciated in case there are any bugs that show up.

    The plugin itself is mostly stable as far as the set of features it has, so theres no immediate plans to add new functionality but that doesn’t others may have ideas I’ve never thought of.

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