Notepad++ 7.5.9 release

  • @guy038 , @donho

    About the performance issue you have reported, I’ve found something strange which may be related to the original bug I Tried to fix.
    With version v7.5.8 (32-bit) and a big file (520 000 lines, caret on line 200000, like you described in previous post) we don’t have performance issue but when the buffer is activated and available for editing, something is going on beetween notepad++ and scintilla engine. The vertical scroll bar is changing its position. It takes around 15 seconds until background processing stops.

    Please checkout my video

    You’ll see the buffer activation of this big file without word wrap and then with word wrap.
    You’ll also see process explorer software that show the CPU usage.

    Guy, can you please confirm what I saw ?


  • Hello, @cmeriaux and All,

    Christophe, you said

    I’ve found something strange which may be related to the original bug

    Unfortunately, it’s been a long time since I noticed that using the “Wrap around” option, drastically reduces Notepad++'s global performance :-((

    For instance, with the Wrap around option set, time may be significant in order to :

    • Move to an line, near the end of an huge file, with the Search > Goto... option

    • Get the very end of an huge file, with the Ctrl + End shortcut

    • Switch between a “normal” file and an huge one

    Note that, with the Don’'s fix, relative to the v7.5.9 version, the delay while switching from a small file to an huge file, has become normal, again, but text may still take up to one second to be displayed, and, unfortunately, this delay increases when the file size is increasing !

    As you, I noticed, that after switching to an important file, during 30s about, on my weak XP config, the vertical scroll bar moves slowly downwards, from its exact position and, after the delay, quickly moves back to its correct position ;-))

    I did some tests, with the option -noPlugin, on two fresh locale installs of N++, versions v7.5.8 and v7.5.9, with Don’s fix, and with a same important file and results are quite similar and should be identical with prior versions, too !

    So, just one rule to remember : if you open an “huge” file, preferably, untick the “Wrap around” feature ;-))



  • @guy038

    Is this “huge file” displayed with or without syntax highlighting? Has it a file extension (e.g. .c, .cs , .cpp and so on) which causes it to be parsed by a FunctionList parser? Do you have turned on the Document Map?

  • Thanks @guy038
    It looks like “wrap around” need a fine tuning ! I’ll put some debug and try ti figure out what’s going on.
    The issue might be difficult to understand and might be related to scintilla itself.

    @dinkumoil the problem has been highlited with txt files. So function list might not be the culpirt. Document Map was disable. Thanks, that was a good idea.


  • Hi, @dinkumoil, @cmeriaux, and All,

    Indeed, you’ve had a great idea to ask me about some more information ! Because I did some other tests and I found out that what I said, in my previous post, is partially wrong !

    My working file, for tests, was created, by accumulation of pages, from this link :

    At the end, I obtained a .txt file, of 140,770,500 bytes, containing 508,240 lines, that I, then, renamed as Test.cs

    First of all, notice that, with this test file, :

    • switching from any language to Normal text takes 2s about, on my Win Xp config

    • But switching from Normal text to a specific language needs 22s about, on my *weak laptop !

    And this is true, whether or not the Word wrap feature is used.

    Now, I always did the same test : starting from line 1 of this huge test file, I noted the time to reach the end of that file, with the simple command Ctrl + End

    After numerous attempts, I then realized that, when the Word wrap option is ticked, at least, 3 cases may cause a delay, before seeing the huge file’s text displayed :

    • After switching from a “normal” file to this big test file

    • After changing the language of this huge file

    • After resizing the horizontal length of the Notepad++ window or after moving from a full-screen window to simple window or vice-versa

    If I perform one of these three cases, the delay, observed, is between 25s and 32s about, on my Win XP machine !

    But, contrary to what I said, in my previous post, it is very important to point out that, ONCE a first Ctrl + End action has occurred, any other action as :

    • Ctrl + Home or Ctrl + End

    • Search > Go To..

    • And, generally, any navigation command, inside this huge file,

    are quite immediate ;-)) I’ve never noticed this fact clearly, before :-(( So I apologize for my wrong assumptions !!

    And, as soon as you perform, again, one of the 3 actions, described above, the FIRST Ctrl + End action or navigation action takes a significant time ! But the subsequent navigation actions are immediate just as when the Word wrap option is not used :-))

    I hope these comments clarify a little bit, things ;-))



    P.S. :

    At no time, the Document Map feature was used, during my tests !

  • Thanks @guy038 that interesting.

    I’ve understood that "line numbering " feature in the margin is very time consuming. Can you try to disable it and check the performance gain ? I have a x2/x3 performance.

    There is also a feature to hide some lines of a buffer.
    Each time a buffer is activated, for each lines of the files, Npp ask scintilla its status hide/visible ( function [SCI_MARKERGET] ). It’s time consuming and we can’t disable it. Maybe adding a option to disable line hidding would be a good idea.

    About the GOTO, it’s drastically slow when “line numbering” is actiavated. Without its option, it seems fast enough for me. To be confirmed.
    About Ctrl+End / ctrl + Start. Sometime its fast, sometimes its slow. I think it depends on the scintilla buffer cache status.

    My conclusion : for huge file, disable line numbering


  • @Todd-Batzler The updating problem turned out to be a network sync issue with the file storage area, not Notepad++. My apologies.

  • Hi, @cmeriaux and All,

    In my previous tests, that Line numbering feature wasn’t concerned. But you’re quite right about it ! It’s really time consuming, too :-((

    In addition, when the Display line number feature is ticked, in Settings > Preferences…> Editing, it’s even worse, as, although a first move to end of the file, with Ctrl + End, has been performed, the subsequent Ctrl + End actions or any navigation action, STILL remain long to perform ( BTW, delay is rather similar to my previous tests delay )

    However, personally, when the Word wrap option is ON, and correct time for navigation commands can be observed, the additional fact of hiding some lines ( Alt + H ), of an huge file does not seem to have an impact ! Perhaps, it would need some more testing.

    Unfortunately, I also realized that 4 other causes may produce a delay, while running a first navigation command :-((.

    So, to summarize :

    When the Word wrap option is ticked and some of your opened files, of your session, have a large size, at least, the 7 actions, below, may cause a delay, while performing a first navigation command, from line 1, as, for instance, the Ctrl + End action or a Search > Go to... command :

    • Switching from a “normal” file to an huge file

    • Changing the language of an huge file

    • Resizing the horizontal length of the N++ window or switching from a full-screen window to a simple window or vice-versa

    • Enabling / disabling the options Display line number or Display bookmark, in Settings > Preferences…> Editing

    • Performing commands such as View > Toggle Full Screen mode, View > Post-it, View > Show Symbol > ..., View Zoom > ... or View > Move/clone Current Document > ...

    • Opening any N++ panel ( as Character Panel, Document Map, Function List, Folder as Workspace, ... ), which changes the horizontal size of the N++ editor window

    • Doing any text modification of an huge file, or using the Ctrl + Z or Ctrl + Y shortcuts

    Beware of some facts :

    • When the Word wrap option is ON :

      • When the Line Numbering feature is active, not only the first navigation action is slowed down, but any subsequent actions will produce delays !

      • If, in an huge file, the cursor was located, near the end, switching back from a “normal” file to that huge file may be long, too !

    • When the Word wrap option is OFF :

      • Most of the actions, described above, do not matter : No significant delay can be observed

      • One exception : Text modifications in an huge file, as, for instance, adding some chars, STILL take a lot of time, although, to my mind, it’s a normal process, independent of the Word wrap feature !

    So, all in all, as a conclusion, when dealing with very large files, in Notepad++, always unset the View > Word wrap feature, in order to avoid any annoying delay :-))

    Best Regards,


  • Win 8.1 64-bit. Notepad++ is in x86 folder. I don’t use Notepad++ full screen. Replaced spell check dll. Made no difference. However, Vector T too long msg appears only on my, possibly too long file: 12 MB. Rest of several open files, much shorter, don’t trigger msg. Msg doesn’t occur with Word Wrap off. BTW, two spell check entries now appear under Plugins drop down menu. Both turn spell check on and off. This behavior didn’t occur until updating to 7.5.9.

  • Does anybody know what it means to “Replace Notepad”? How is that different from setting N++ as the default text editor?

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