Notepad++ 7.6.1

  • @dinkumoil said:

    Regarding APIs directory: As far as I know there are plugins wich are indeed lexers for a certain language. I actually found the WLangLexer which is part of the plugin list of old Plugin Manager. This plugin requests during its installation to copy an XML file to plugins\APIs.

    I don’t use lexer plugins, thus I don’t know anything about them. But I think further investigations have to be done before making a decision regarding plugins and plugins\APIs directories.

    Got your point, I’ll see what can I do for it.

  • @donho said:

    Plugins Admin will be disabled under XP. Sorry for that.

    no problem to drop xp … but i’d really like to hear @guy038 screaming “nooooooooo” ;-)

    btw: thanks for today’s %PROGRAMDATA%\Notepad++\plugins permission commit

    thanks again for testing everything, even the stuff you don’t use yourself.

    regarding your suggestion at git to use %ProgramData%\Notepad++\autoCompletion instead of $INSTDIR\autoCompletion:

    as those 3 plugins have to be rewritten anyways due to the path changes, is there any specific reason to use %programdata% instead of $instdir ?
    as far as i can see the compatibility of those plugins will be broken anyways, regardless of using %programdata% or $instdir.
    and the plugin authors can always put their own lexer files in their own plugins sub folder and use them from there.

    @donho what’s your thought about that or prefered location ?
    i think if those plugins that use lexer apis have to be rewritten anyways, they could just use the official autoCompletion as it is now, inside $INSTDIR\autoCompletion for read only, and use their own additional r/w lexer data files within %programdata%\plugins\theirplugin.

  • @donho @Meta-Chuh said:

    is there any specific reason to use %programdata% instead of $instdir ?

    I thought of Notepad++ to be compatible with the UWP app requirements which means that the installations directory has to be immutable.

    As far as I know the former APIs directory contains the autocompletion files for different languages. Maybe it is important that these files are stored at this location to ensure that Notepad++ uses them. So it would be the best to allow plugins to store files in this directory which means its location can not be in the installation directory.

  • Hi, @Meta-chuh,

    Please, don’t think that I’m worried about @don-ho’s decision for not handling, anymore, the Plugin Admin, in Win XP configurations ;-)) Indeed, as I’m always using portable versions of Notepad++, I’ve never had , up to now, any problem for installing any plugin, by myself, either for daily use or for testing.

    Even, in precedent N++ versions, when the old Plugin Manager was active and proposed me some updates, I always preferred to answer No, then, look at the author’s sites for the later release and extract all zip contents to my current N++ installation !

    Moreover, as I usually keep several N++ versions, at a time, on my [ Win XP ] laptop, if no plugin’s update comes out, I simply duplicate all the structure of the plugins, from an old N++ location, to the new "$InstallDir" location of my latest N++ installation, including possible configuration files ( .ini )

    Doing so, it helps me to better memorize all the structure of my current "$InstallDir" and how these different plugins work ;-))

    Of course, since the 7.6 version of N++, we just had to remember that, for a manual installation of a plugin, for instance, MyAwesomePlugin.dll, we must :

    • First, create a MyAwesomePlugin sub-folder, inside the "$InstallDir"\plugins directory

    • Place all the plugin’s files as well as MyAwesomePlugin.dll in the sub-folder "$InstallDir"\plugins\MyAwesomePlugin

    Best regards,


  • Hi

    After installing 7.6.1 (dont sure which version was before) - Search window does not close on ‘esc’ key

  • please ignore this, local conflict with other soft

  • @donho said:

    @KantorZsolt @Peter-Jones
    Due to wingup has the retro-compatible issue with XP since its beginning, Plugins Admin will be disabled under XP. Sorry for that.

    Ooooh, nooo! I have an old laptop, I’m stuck to XP. If you make me angry I will make a fork to Notepad++
    ( just joking :) )

    Anyway Notepad++ is a great editor.

  • Having an annoying issue - If I collapse any part of an html file and try to scroll horizontally I constantly get a popup with a title of Exception and a message of “vector<T> too long” Has this been reported before?

  • @Jan-Černosta
    Any progress in choosing proper codepage ANSI?
    Thanks, Jan

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