Notepad++ v7.6.3

  • 3 main lines of 7.6.3 release:

    1. Fix security issues found in EU-FOSSA bug bounty program.
    2. Add Markdown language.
    3. Enhance Notepad++ plugins system’s security.

    Note that if you have already defined any User Defined Language, you have to remove userDefineLang.xml and rename userDefinedLang-markdown.default.modern.xml to userDefineLang.xml, or you merger the content of userDefinedLang-markdown.default.modern.xml into userDefineLang.xml. Both files can be found beside of notepad++.exe.

  • note to readers:

    plugins still have the nice and ordered “one folder per plugin” substructure of %ProgramFiles%\Notepad++\plugins\PluginName\PluginName.dll

    “Open Plugins Folder…” is not merged or implemented yet and UCharDet autodetection is still not working as it is supposed to, but i second, and also consider EU-FOSSA to be reason enough to release 7.6.3 now, and deal with other topics later.

    change log for 7.6.3:

    1. Add Markdown language (Markdown++), in UDL, included only in installer.
    2. Move plugins home from %ProgramData% to %ProgramFiles% for the sake of security.
    3. List plugins in alphabetical order in Plugins Admin dialog.
    4. Fix loading unexpected dll as plugin issue. (EU-FOSSA)
    5. Fix stack overflow issue while affecting “ext” field on stylers.xml. (EU-FOSSA)
    6. Fix stack overflow in XML Parsing. (EU-FOSSA)
    7. Fix a remote code execution vulnerability via “Open containing folder” command. (EU-FOSSA)
    8. Fix EXE Hijacking of gup.exe launched by Notepad++. (EU-FOSSA)
    9. Fix crash issue due to heap overflow in clipboard history panel. (EU-FOSSA)
    10. Remove run external exe entries for avoiding to execute eventual hijacked binaries. (EU-FOSSA)

  • Hi, my notes to 7.6.3…

    • detection of codepage 1250 still not working
    • config.xml packed into the 7z bundle, so it overwrites the user’s configuration

  • Hi,

    I think I found one bug:

    • After using Plugins Admin once with the PortableApps version 7.6.3 of Notepad++ the selected plugins get installed and after the necessary restart of N++ the Plugins Admin is gone.

  • I think I will skip this version and shall update when plugins have found their final destination.

    because, If something breaks down, my work will suffer.


  • Installation Bug Snippes plugin

    When installing plugin Sippets Snippets files is installed into:

    Due to this Snippets will NOT find the SQL database!

    How to fix:

    1. Move file Languages.sql, NppSnippets.sql and Template.sqlite to folder:
    2. Delete folder %ProgramFiles%\Notepad++\plugins\NppSnippets\NppSnippets
    3. Manual restart NotePad++

  • @Sture-Åhlin said:

    Installation Bug Snippes plugin

    Plugins folder structure has changed since Notepad++ v7.6 and now all plugins are put in their own sub-folder within %NOTEPAD++_PROGRAM_LOCATION%\plugins\ folder.
    In this case the plugin folder is %NOTEPAD++_PROGRAM_LOCATION%\plugins\NppSnippets\.

    But because the NppSnippets plugin has not been updated to comply to the new rules and because it seems it is using absolute path to locate its .sql files (instead of path, relative to its main DLL) it fails to find them (the absolute path is not the same anymore).

    Shortly put - NppSnippets plugin needs to be updated (best would be to use relative path instead of absolute).

    This is just a clarification (and a hint that it is not related to Notepad++ bug or something).
    Thanks for notifying about the problem and providing a workaround.

  • What exactly is userDefineLang.xml and why is it in the installer version but not the zipped portable version?

    What am I missing out by not having this file in my portable folder, and can I just copy the installer’s userDefineLang.xml file into my portable install? If so why go through all these extra steps and not just put this file in the portable version in the first place?

  • @ImSpecial

    userDefineLang.xml is the config file for user defined languages (udl).
    this is where anyone can create his one “lexer” for any programming language that isn’t already available for notepad++.

    you can also use it to highlight any text you have, like notes, to make them more readable for you.

    here’s a screenshot of the markup udl:

    please open another topic in general discussion, if you are interested in how to use udl, or have any further questions about it, so that we can focus about it separately.

  • Hello, @imspecial, @meta-chuh and All,

    Ha ha ! Don’t forget that the Installer .exe program is simply an archive, that you can just open as a true archive ;-))

    So, the solution is elementary :

    • Download the npp.7.6.3.Installer.exe. Note that, even if your system is 64 bits, you do not need to download the npp.7.6.3.Installer.x64.exe. Indeed, they contain the same files, regarding “Markdown”, anyway !

    • Open the npp.7.6.3.Installer.exe file with, for instance, the 7-z Manager program

    • You can see, that it contains two identical files, of 5,440 bytes !

      • userDefinedLang-markdown.default.modern.xml

      • userDefineLang.xml

    • Finally :

      • Extract the userDefineLang.xml file in your portable NPP folder, if not present, yet

      • Insert the Markdown bloc <UserLang name="Markdown (Default)" ..............</UserLang> in your present userDefineLang.xml file

    Done :-))

    Best Regards,


  • @guy038 @ImSpecial

    … or you can simply download and save userDefinedLang-markdown.default.modern.xml from >>> here <<<

  • Hi, @imspecial, @meta-chuh and All,

    Yes, @meta-chuh, easier, of course 😄



  • To clarify current situation of Markdown via UDL:

    In order to avoid erase defined UDL (file userDefineLang.xml), installer of this version checks if userDefineLang.xml exists. If not, then it copies DefinedLang-markdown.default.modern.xml to userDefineLang.xml.

    However it will be good to have UDL file separately per language: a UDL folder beside of Notepad++ binary, *.xml in this folder will be loaded as UDL. It will be implemented in the future release.

  • Please add the option:

    1. Clear history “search and replace”
    2. Open the folder with the installed plugins

  • I had posted here some 14 days ago that

    @V-S-Rawat said:

    I think I will skip this version and shall update when plugins have found their final destination.

    Recently, I saw a discussion on beta versions.

    I think what I was doing was treating this 7.6.3 as beta version, and ignoring this till things settle down to a final shape. Then I will install the “final release”.

    So, this further highlights the usefulness of beta versions.

  • @V-S-Rawat

    So, this further highlights the usefulness of beta versions.

    yes, that is why we have been given the opportunity to download any pre release versions at appveyor.

    it is the quickest, simplest and most non intrusive method of a beta distribution, as we only have to download a new Notepad++.[architecture].Unicode Release.exe and place it into our current installation, or portable versions program folder, without the need of installing anything new.

    once you have put this “beta” exe into your notepad++ folder, you can use it by double clicking on this Notepad++.[architecture].Unicode Release.exe.

    best thing: after testing, you can still use your old notepad++, as this “beta” version has a different exe name, and (usually) does not modify your current installation (unless e.g. you play around with any settings). 👍

  • FYI, auto-updater is just enabled from v7.5.9 to v7.6.3.
    Angry users incoming, angry users incoming.

  • @donho

    thanks for the heads up 👍

    Angry users incoming, angry users incoming.


    we will keep them happy 😉

  • @donho

    issue: 7.6.3 update is repeatedly triggered.

    i’ve noticed, that the update url response stays on
    even if notepad++ 7.6.3 is already installed.

    so every time you check for updates on a 7.6.3 installation, it will currently always prompt: “an update package is avaliable, do you want to download it”.

    it stays the same if you reload and reinstall the same 7.6.3 version.
    it will still present the same 7.6.3 download again.
    (both tested on x86 and x64 installs)

    can you confirm ?

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