I quit. You win. I'll go find another tool.

  • @donho said:

    @SinghRajenM said:

    current developers’ test versions above version 7.5.9

    if so, then instead of marking release as 7.6, 7.6.1 and so on, why not beta version. So that apart from power and pro users will not touch those versions at all.

    Beta version is a good idea for finding bugs generally. However such problem cannot be solved by beta version.
    This issue needs a great amount of users to find a good direction. I cannot see another path than from 7.5.9 until the latest version.
    We will loose some users certainly, but it’s above all for me to find the right direction for the future version.

    I thank you all for your pertinent suggestions during the reforge of Plugins Admin.

    @donho I feel our this situation was good qualifier for beta. This way

    1. Layman (who is not techie and just wait for autoupdate instead of manually update) will not be affected.
    2. If someone is downloading npp from site (may be first time or may be on newly arrived machine or may be re-ghosted pc etc.), will not download beta unless one knows what s/he going to do. So if something goes wrong too, they will understand as in beta such design bugs are expected.
    3. However, whoever is willing to support community will anyhow come upfront and will support.
    4. Beta version could act as filter between complain and feedback. 😜

    So in the end, it is like win-win situation where users (most of) will be happy and feedback for developers also will be honored.

    reader’s note: on a fresh install, noone would have experienced any difference regarding old plugins paths

    @Meta Chuh, hmmm. May be bit true, but not completely. Coexistence of 32bit and 64bit was affected, then installation because of DACL, zero size and many more. But all those are acceptable when there is big change in the design. So those releases are best fit for beta.

  • yes, Beta versions is a good idea.

  • @SinghRajenM

    Strangely I sort of agree with Don that perhaps “beta” wouldn’t have ferreted out all of the problems with Plugin Admin… I know, that IS strange to agree with that. Well, maybe I don’t strongly agree.

  • I follow you! Have you find another efficient tool?

  • @unbagolo

    I follow you! Have you find another efficient tool?

    yes, after years of thorough research, i finally found the most efficient and reliable tool.

    top feature:
    it works perfectly on power outage without any data loss.
    (technical note: a power outage during night time requires the candle plugin to ensure an uninterrupted workflow)


  • @Meta-Chuh

    Does it feature column-selection and manipulation? :)

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    I assume there a ruler needed :-D LOL

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    yes, also multi cursors can be set at each column, by using the optional ruler plugin vertically.

    best feature: all content manipulation can be done one-handedly, by using the built in write/erase dual-purpose function of the stylus … this newly developed stylus is an absolute breakthrough in technology, and the best stylus ever. 😉

  • @brian-dinesThe

    Russians say …the taste and color of different markers)

  • @andrecool-68

    ahhhhh, you’re back from antarctica 😉👍
    welcome back.

  • @Meta-Chuh
    No…I write from Antarctica

  • During update, there is a checkbox for plugins, I have this unchecked.

    The wording of this dialog does not clarify the exact meaning, it may or may not have an affect on existing plugins…

    Theme / Style irks me. I’ve had to fix them many times over the years. Comments are the worst, using Vibrant Ink theme is very close to my preference but comments are too dark, among other things.

    I should not have to drop the project I’m working on to work on NPP.

  • @Gubith said:

    I should not have to drop the project I’m working on to work on NPP.

    From my “test” background, I carefully control when I update software, sandboxing it when possible to make sure it is going to work before mainlining it. As N++ is someone’s hobby project, with no guarantees, I’d suggest you do the same.

    Of course, you can always make the switch to some other text editor to ease your pain. ;)

  • NPP is one of the greats. I tried and do use other editors. Each has it’s pros and cons. NPP is particularly awesome for all it does in a small footprint.

    I finally updated today, because addons were misbehaving, and now it seems they’ve been disabled in user data? I found something about creating a file in the program folder to allow the user folder, so I reanmed the readme to that file name. Maybe it was meant to go in the users folder.

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