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  • @Alan-Kilborn

    why not …

    LOL because my brain doesn’t work like that :-D
    First I type something and then if it works I try to optimize it,
    but have posted it before even thinking about doing it properly :-D

  • @Ekopalypse said:

    The only thing left is to hook the scintilla hwnd

    Yes, but there are some caveats. I tried this kind of thing before. If same shortcut is already mapped in Shortcut Mapper, you won’t see it. Not sure if this matters to you, could be a point of confusion for your users (as you now seem to be publishing! :) )

    BTW, this thread is now officially deemed hijaaked, not once but now twice.

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    If same shortcut is already mapped in Shortcut Mapper

    I would argue if you register a shortcut within a script you know that you did it?
    But you are right - might be a area of confusion - hmm …

    I guess, once I have something useful I will open a different thread :-)

  • @Ekopalypse said:

    I would argue if you register a shortcut within a script you know that you did it?

    People tend to just run scripts, forgetting the details… :(

    And, BTW, I HATE plugins (and maybe in the future, scripts!) that hijaak keycombos I’m possibly already using. Ugh. Better to leave them unassigned and let ME decide which functions need them, and then what they should be.

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    Better to leave them unassigned and let ME decide which functions need them, and then what they should be.

    Agreed, I assume that something like

    PREVIOUS_CHANGE = None  # replace None with e.g. CTRL+- to assign a shortcut

    and checking in register_shortcut for None would be ok.

  • Hi, @ekopalypse,

    I saw the the @alan-kilborn suggestion and your proposition to remove the old @eko-palypse account. Of course, I can delete a post, move a specific post from a topic to an other topic and, even, delete an acount, but I don’t think I have any possibility to modify the acoount owner of a specific post :-((

    Quite logical : would it be any interest to attribute a post, written by a member to an other member !

    On the other hand, it would not be sensible to disconnect your replies to some posts, made with your old acoount, from the other posts, on a particular topic, wouldn’t it ? Indeed, as anyone else, your replies depends on the context of the precedent posts, on a specific topic, and are still valuable ;-))

    Just for information, with the old @eko-palypse account, you have written 283 posts, covering 109 topics. The most recent one was on 02/17/2019 and the older one was on 11/22:2019.

    If you don’t mind, I may post the list of the 283 links to posts, on this site or, if you prefer, send it by e-mail. Just tell me about it !

    Best Regards,


  • hi @guy038 @Alan-Kilborn @Ekopalypse et al.

    i agree with @guy038 and also think it is best to leave eko’s accounts like they are, as it would otherwise break the continuity and the whole history what happened and what lead to the dual-account.
    and changing the old user account name would also break all reply address references to that account (everything directly addressed to @Eko-palypse) for all past posts.

    who knows, maybe @Ekopalypse gets his old account back one day, and wants to start a discussion with himself ? 😂

    and @Alan-Kilborn if you’d need a memory hook to remember @Ekopalypse 's new account, you could use the following:
    “@Ekopalypse is continuously present, so his name is continuously written”
    but i guess after all these posts, plus @Ekopalypse 's 100 plus post-topics, you won’t need any hook on that anymore. 😉

  • All,

    To be fair (to me!), I did retract my original suggestion about Eko’s duality.

  • I recently made my own version of the plugin, because LocationNavigate had unnecessary features. But I’m not sure that I did it right. I looked at the LocationNavigate code and did not understand anything. Therefore, if someone has a problem with LocationNavigate, then try mine. I used to use NppPlugin_ChangeMarker, but he had a problem, he crashed the program while saving the file after an hour of work.
    On my system, LocationNavigate is working fine. I set such parameters so that he does not save the history of jumps.

    my plugin https://yadi.sk/d/IQD33JVWbtwQXw

  • I haven’t thought about the old post and that it might generate trouble, therefore, better
    just leave it as it is and don’t worry about it anymore.

    Thx for all insights and tips. :-)

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