Notepad++ 7.8 Release

  • Long waiting version 7.8 is finally here:

    Notepad++ v7.8 enhancements and bug-fixes:

    1. Upgrade Scintilla from 4.1.4 to 4.2.0
    2. Fix non Unicode encoding problem in non-Western language(Chinese or in Turkish).
    3. Add “No to All” and “Yes to All” options in Save dialog.
    4. Add the command line argument “-openFoldersAsWorkspace” to open folders in “folder as workspace” panel.
      Example: notepad++ -openFoldersAsWorkspace c:\src\myProj01 c:\src\myProj02
    5. Enhance plugin system: allow any plugin to load private DLL files from the plugin folder.
    6. Fix File-Rename failing when new name is on a different drive.
    7. Make “Clear all marks”, “Inverse Bookmark”, “Remove Consecutive Duplicate Lines” & “Find All Current Document” to be macro recordable.
    8. Make “Command Argument Help” MessageBox modal.
    9. Fix Folder as Workspace crash and “queue overflow” issues.
    10. Make Combobox font monospace in Find dialog.
    11. Fix folding in user-defined languages for non-windows line endings.
    12. Fix crash of Folder as Workspace when too many directory changes happen.
    13. Fix ‘-nosession’ overwrites config.xml issue.
    14. Fix the crash due to NPPM_DESTROYSCINTILLAHANDLE message.*
    15. Improve GUI in Find dialog for Find Previous & Find Next buttons.
    16. Fix Sort Line as Integer regression.
    17. Add more OS information to debug info.
    18. Fix tab dragging issues under WINE and ReactOS.
    19. Fix indent indicators continue to following code blocks for Python.
    20. Fix Python folding collapse issue.
    21. Fix crash when sorting “out of range” columns.
    22. Fix find 2 times for the same occurrence in both original and cloned documents issue.
    23. Fix command line issues where filenames have multiple white spaces in them.
    24. Fix Document Peeker constantly changing focus problem.
    25. Make backward direction checkbox be also on Find dialog’s Mark tab.
    26. Add 2 new columns for HTML Code in the Character Panel.
    27. Fix “clear all marks in find dialog also removes bookmarks” issue.
    28. Enhance supported language (on function list or auto-completion): LISP, BaanC,(PL/)SQL & COBOL.

  • Every time I come back here to check, I feel like a criminal who returns to the scene of the crime.

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    Nice job!

  • did you change the font in search dialog?
    if so, is there an option I can change it back?

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    @patrickdrd said in Notepad++ 7.8 Release:

    did you change the font in search dialog?
    if so, is there an option I can change it back?

    No, it was not changed. I suppose you can’t change it.

  • @patrickdrd said in Notepad++ 7.8 Release:

    did you change the font in search dialog?

    See above, specifically: 10. Make Combobox font monospace in Find dialog.

    if so, is there an option I can change it back?

    No. Apparently it was decided that this is a good change for everyone.

  • @patrickdrd said in Notepad++ 7.8 Release:

    did you change the font in search dialog?
    if so, is there an option I can change it back?

    The new font looks smaller and very blurry in my system (Windows 7). As such, it is very difficult to read. It also uses serif fonts for Korean (and possibly all CJK languages), which are not suitable for small sizes.

    Here are two screen shots.

    old (crispy)

    new (blurry)

    Please consider adding customisation options, or at least an option to switch between the old and the new fonts.

  • I am very sorry for two posts in a row, but I am no longer allowed to edit the previous one.

    Just to clarify, my point is that Windows does not even ship with monospace fonts for languages like Korean. This makes it use a fallback font instead. The problem is that the default fallback for monospace fonts is the default serif font (called Batang), which looks blurry in small sizes. In the previous version of Notepad++, the default sans-serif font (Dotum) was used instead. That font stays crispy even in small sizes.

    Even with 3rd party monospace Korean fonts installed, Windows will still use serif fonts in their place. Right now, I am able to manually set Notepad++ to use 3rd party monospace Korean fonts in the Style Configurator, but those settings do not seem to apply to the Find window.

  • Possible bug: I’m using npp as replacement for notepad on Windows (according to this page:

    Worked with 7.7.1 portable, it is now broken (in 7.8 portable) if files have a space in its name.
    E.g. file “xxx yyy.txt” -> double click -> npp shows xxx doesn’t exist, yyy.txt doesn’t exist -> file is opened after that along with desktop.ini which is opened every time

    For now I’m reverting back to 7.7.1

  • @cybermcm

    Related to this, possibly, although you don’t appear to have multiple ? :

    23. Fix command line issues where filenames have multiple white spaces in them.

  • @Alan-Kilborn no, just one white space. I just noticed that this is more severe. NPP openes all! other files in the same and in subfolders if one single file is opened. desktop.ini (from my posting above) was opened because it was the only other file on my desktop…
    At least for me (or my current config) a no go

  • @cybermcm

    I guess maybe you want to make a bug report.

  • I felt sad that my plugin added to nppPluginList was not reflected in 7.8.

  • @dokutoku said in Notepad++ 7.8 Release:

    nppPluginList was not reflected in 7.8.

    Send a pull request for notepad++ plugin template(d language)

  • @gurikbal-singh

    Do you mean this request?

  • @dokutoku
    how we can exit from console (dub ATL+D in your plugin )? it close the npp

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    When syntax highlight is enabled (e.g. C source code) and you check the global override Enable global bold font style box for keywords and some other characters will be less thicker. Is this normal? Here are the screenshots:

    not selected.png

    Just check the case keyword, dots, semicolons, equal signs and curly brackets


    It happens with most of the font types, and as far only if syntax highlight is enabled. Is this normal?

  • “3. Add “No to all” and “Yes to all” options in Save dialog.”

    Regression: The Yes/No/Cancel buttons used to have hotkeys so that single keystrokes could give a command on how to proceed. In 7.8, “Y” and “N” are ignored, while “Escape” still works. This is a showstopper for me; back to 7.7 for that basic usability feature. Also for standard usability, the new “All” buttons need to have their own hotkeys.

    It appears the new “X to all” buttons are available only after the “Close All” command; in case of the “Close” command, they are greyed out. User interface principles say that buttons that are never available in certain circumstances should not even be visible in those circumstances. If “Close” and “Close All” are going to be two separate commands, then the corresponding dialog functionality/discoverability should also be different. If “X to all” is going to be not-available after “Close” then the “All” buttons should be not-visible after “Close”. Or, if “X to all” is going to be available after “Close” then “Close All” should not be a separate command. In short, the decision of all-versus-one should be made only once, or should be made available as often as possible. But showing that different functionality is available only if User backs up and starts over, that’s just maddening.

    From experience, custom buttons can be added to the Windows-standard Common Dialogs instead of writing custom dialogs; it just takes some more subclassing and API work to do so.

  • @gurikbal-singh

    how we can exit from console (dub ATL+D in your plugin)? it close the npp

    I’m sorry, but I couldn’t interpret the meaning of your question correctly.

    I think the problem you are referring to is more of a problem with the plugin itself.
    Please post your detailed questions.

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