Reopen Notepad++ after update, restart or shutdown Windows 10 from where I was

  • the new version, seems to solved the ȚsessionȚ problems. Thank you.

  • On Friday I discovered part of the problem. I started shutting down my computer prior to leaving work and shutdown was blocked by several applications including Notepad++. When I cancelled shutdown I discovered that Notepad++ was prompting me to reload a file that had changed earlier in the day - in fact the one I like to keep open.

    So I clicked ‘Yes’ to tell it to reload the changed file. What actually happened was that the tab closed, leaving just one other tab.

    And of course when I reloaded Notepad++ today only that other tab has loaded.

    This scenario could be quite common. I’m a programmer and the file I like to keep open will often change as I change branches during the day but I don’t always notice.

    This is with 7.8.1.

  • @Andrue-Cope I have the session issue with 7.8.1. In the past if my laptop refused to wake up from sleep mode, a power cycle did not affect the session at all… all open files, all changed files, all “new” files would come back up right where I left them. Now, changes are lost as are new files. I hope there is a fix for this as it is one of my favorite features (out of many) of Npp.

  • @Greg-Parrott
    Sorry, but this doesn’t make sense to me.
    Npp writes the new session information on application exit and this
    has been since it was introduced, as far as I know.

    So, when putting a laptop in standby it will comeback with the current
    used files on a normal wake up but it won’t comeback with the newly
    added files on a power cycle as it hasn’t been written those new files to
    session.xml yet. The same might happen if npp gets forced to exit.
    If there is no time to write to session.xml those new files get lost.

    The only way to make it work, to have the newly created files get saved
    in session.xml always, would be to add them whenever one creates a
    new one or opens an existing one. But this, obviously, has a drawback
    as well, the session.xml would get written constantly and in terms of
    performance, IO operations are one of the worst things, not to
    mention that maybe 99% of those operations might be useless as the
    files get closed during runtime.

  • Well I think what I’ve seen is a bug. If I’m asked ‘Do you want to reload the file?’ and I click [Yes] then that’s what it should do whereas it actually closed the tab. I’ll try and replicate it tomorrow as Friday night is when I normally give my work machine a rest.

  • @Andrue-Cope

    Just to be sure, 100% agreed - your case, "Do you … ", should be handled having those open tabs in mind.

  • @Ekopalypse Thanks for the reply. I just did a little controlled experiment and I see where the “new” behavior may be.

    With my saved list of opened files… the ones I really care about… loaded. I created a new file with junk in it and left it unsaved. I created a second file, saved it, and then added some changes and left it that way. Then I closed NPP.

    Past behaviour would be NPP would exit without any further input. Restarting NPP would open my session where it left off with saved files, new unsaved files, and changed files retaining their changes. This is what I am accustomed to.

    However, with this last update, I now get a question asking if I want to save each file “needing” a save. I want the state saved, but I don’t necessarily want them written to disk by the filename or “New x”. So what I am seeing is different from what Andrue is seeing.

    I may try to roll back this update if I can still get the older executables.

  • @Greg-Parrott

    I guess I see. What I assume is that the session setting isn’t set anymore.
    As far as I remember this setting was set with previous npp versions automatically but since some recent versions the community asked to change this to not set.
    In order to get the same behavior as with your previous version you need to goto
    Settings->preferences->Backup and tick
    Remember current session …
    and if new, aka unsaved files, should also be available tick
    Enable session snapshot …

  • That did it. I needed enable session snapshot. That one setting was all I needed… darn lost a days work because of that. Thanks @Ekopalypse.

  • @Greg-Parrott

    You are perhaps living dangerously with this workflow. If I were you, I would name and save files to disk yourself, and then have a separate backup mechanism that doesn’t involve Notepad++.

  • @Ekopalypse It did the same thing. This time though I re-opened my file and it was there when I launched NPP this morning. I usually only give Windows half a minute to shut down then force shut down so I’m guessing that this is what’s tripping me up.

    Whether fixing the prompt handling would also fix my typical scenario I don’t know. Possibly not.

  • @Andrue-Cope

    Half a minute should be more than enough for an app to save its settings but …
    I only have win10 in a VM so it isn’t that convinient to do testing on this
    and digging through the code didn’t reveal anything obvious.
    Just while writing this I think it might be ok to create some tests using
    WM messages only and not restarting the VM always.
    I’ll come back on this.

  • I can confirm this as of version 7.9.5.

    This is the scenario:

    • Notepad++ is open and has several open tabs, both named (=saved) and unnamed (new nn) files
    • Windows 10 performs an automated reboot as part of a bigger update overnight
    • After logging in, Notepad++ session is lost
    • unnamed files can be found on the backup dir, but there is no trace of what saved files were open

    Notepad++ can remember the session if I manually reboot the win10.

    Would it make sense to backup the complete session information also every time the backup is performed?


  • @Softone_
    Same issue here with latest version of Windows 10 and Notepad++
    I opened an issue with my build details.

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