Notepad++ "Free Uyghur" edition (v7.8.1)

  • The website is barely working too, with the download links completely dead. Also, just in the case you decide to temporarily block GitHub issues or whatnot to prevent the spam, they may very likely come here next, so better be prepared.

  • @donho
    Just a short question. With a 700 line of C source code and 7 functions declared the Function list opens a little bit slow. Can not be somehow optimize that part of the the NP++ code? Sometimes I want to jump to a function, so I want to do with the Function list rather with search.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Putting the downloads up on github would alleviate the issue of downloads failing.

  • Hello, @don-ho and All,

    Many thanks for all the enhancements and bug-fixes of the last two releases v7.8 and v7.8.1

    Just after the release of the last Uyghur version and seeing all the consequences of your just commitment to this oppressed Muslim community, I initially thought it would be better not to mix politics and technology/science in general.

    Really, there are so many causes worth defending and, often, a lifetime would be needed for only one of them !

    After a few days of reflection, it seemed to me that, as the creator of this wonderful tool that is Notepad++, it was your right, the strictest, to use the official Notepad++ website as you wish!

    However, you will agree with me that your commitment causes, ipso-facto, many inconveniences, which may not be appreciated by many Notepad++ users. After all, some of them may prefer to talk about an other cause that is just as dear to them !

    As far as possible, expressing opinions, whatever they may be, on the Internet, should be done sparingly, to my mind !

    Don, I renew my confidence in your approach and your software and I will soon make a donation ;-))

    Best Regards


  • @donho Wow, baiting me to reply on Github when it’s not possible. You’re such a tease. At least change it to this option:

    donho is a joker

  • @AngryGamer

    It’ll be eabled in few hours.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • It seems this version is quite stable. Auto-updater will be triggered at this weekend.

    Sorry for the inconvenience for the community due to the incident on GitHub.
    A big thank you to @julianlam and NodeBB team for their efficient effort to keep the community away from Chinese netizens’ vandalism.

  • @donho

    Here in the forum postings of new members still have to be unlocked by moderators. This has been introduced as reaction to the spam campaign of chinese netizens in the Notepad++ issue tracker on GitHub.

    I have never seen any attempt to spam this forum related to the “Free Uyghur” spam campaign. The only result is that people’s comments are lost in the post queue. A few minutes ago I have unlocked 7 postings, up to 23 hours old.

    Please remove the necessity for moderation of postings of new users to avoid blocked comments and to return to normal operation in this forum.

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