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  • how to remove all hyperlink on document?
    i’ve see how to disable (Settings - Preferences - MISC - uncheck Clickable Link Settings) …
    but remove all hyperlink it is possible??

  • Interestingly, when I experiment with this, I tick the box for No underline, but the underlines remain??

  • uncheck No underlines then reboot notepad.
    this work. problem is how to convert link to normal text…

  • @cisco779k said in remove hyperlink:

    problem is how to convert link to normal text…

    If you are editing a “text file” (which you should be, as Notepad++ is a text editor and only a text editor), then any such “link” is already “normal text”.

    If this doesn’t make sense, perhaps provide more detail from your side, in case there is some unknown or implied thing which isn’t making it thru to this side. :-)

  • yes, it is a text file copied from an html page.
    I would like only plain text, without hyperlinks!
    now my txt is on Unix (LF) mode UTF-8 but also converted in windows (CR-LF) ANSI nothing change…
    repeat: how to convert hyperlinks on plain text on my document?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @cisco779k said in remove hyperlink:

    it is a text file copied from an html page

    Sorry, I didn’t see that line when I replied the first time, hence the deleted post.

    First, I’ll say that you’re contradicting yourself. Marked-up HTML code is not generally called “a text file”.

    Second, the easiest way to get the rendered content of HTML into text form is to load the HTML with a browser, then copy-paste from the rendered browser window into your Notepad++ – that way, all links and formatting and the like are removed, and you’re left with just the content. The next easiest is to use a tool that parses HTML, and knows the difference between the tags and the contents, and knows how to do that (there are some XML and HTML-aware plugins in Notepad++ that might be of help)

    Third, if you have HTML source code, and you want most of it to remain, but just want to convert <a href=...>xyz</a> to xyz:

    • FIND = (?s)<a .*?>(.*?)</a>
    • REPLACE = $1
    • mode = regular exprsesion
    <span>blah <a href=...>xy 
    z</a> blah</span>


    <span>blah xy 
    z blah</span>

    This is a simplistic answer, with many hidden assumptions about the data (it assumes no nesting, no > characters inside the <a ...> tag (like in one of the attributes), and others that I might not even have articulated).

    Also, this is just guessing as to how you want to transform the data. You seem reluctant to show us examples of the text before and after the operation. This is not conducive to getting good help. If you want help in this or any forum, you have to help us help you by providing example data, and showing how you’d like it to change.


    Please Read And Understand This

    FYI: I often add this to my response in regex threads, unless I am sure the original poster has seen it before. Here is some helpful information for finding out more about regular expressions, and for formatting posts in this forum (especially quoting data) so that we can fully understand what you’re trying to ask:

    This forum is formatted using Markdown. Fortunately, it has a formatting toolbar above the edit window, and a preview window to the right; make use of those. The </> button formats text as “code”, so that the text you format with that button will come through literally ; use that formatting for example text that you want to make sure comes through literally, no matter what characters you use in the text (otherwise, the forum might interpret your example text as Markdown, with unexpected-for-you results, giving us a bad indication of what your data really is).

    Images can be pasted directly into your post, or you can hit the image button. (For more about how to manually use Markdown in this forum, please see @Scott-Sumner’s post in the “how to markdown code on this forum” topic, and my updates near the end.) Please use the preview window on the right to confirm that your text looks right before hitting SUBMIT. If you want to clearly communicate your text data to us, you need to properly format it.

    If you have further search-and-replace (“matching”, “marking”, “bookmarking”, regular expression, “regex”) needs, study the official Notepad++ searching using regular-expressions docs, as well as this forum’s FAQ and the documentation it points to. Before asking a new regex question, understand that for future requests, many of us will expect you to show what data you have (exactly), what data you want (exactly), what regex you already tried (to show that you’re showing effort), why you thought that regex would work (to prove it wasn’t just something randomly typed), and what data you’re getting with an explanation of why that result is wrong. When you show that effort, you’ll see us bend over backward to get things working for you. If you need help formatting, see the paragraph above.

    Please note that for all regex and related queries, it is best if you are explicit about what needs to match, and what shouldn’t match, and have multiple examples of both in your example dataset. Often, what shouldn’t match helps define the regular expression as much or more than what should match.

    Here is the way I usually break down trying to figure out a regex (whether it’s for myself or for helping someone in the forum):

    1. Compare what portions of each line I want to match is identical to every other one (“constants”), and what parts do I want to allow to be different in each line (“variables”) but still be part of the match.
    1. Look at both the variables and constants, and see what portions of each I’ll want to keep or move around, vs which parts get thrown away completely. Each sub-component that I want to keep will be put in a regex group. Anything that gets completely thrown away doesn’t need to be in a group, though sometimes I put it in a numbered (___) or unnumbered (?:___) group anyway, if I have a good reason for it. Anything that needs to be split apart, I break into multiple groups, instead of having it as one group.
    1. For each group, I do a mental “how would I describe to my son how to correctly match these characters?” – which should hopefully give me a simple, foolproof algorithm of characters that must match or must not match; then I ask, “how would I translate those instructions into regex sequences?” If I don’t know the answer to the second, I read documentation, or ask a specific question.
    1. try it, debug, iterate.

  • oh my god, how many words…!
    I didn’t think it was that difficult…
    summarize: i have, from html page, selected all content, then copied into txt file (new-txt file). then i have open this file with notepad++
    my txt file is very simple, i don’t have any html code… i have list like this:

    0012_jkhdfkjerfkherf – 8.51 MB

    0016_eorueioueiti – 19.72 MB

    0027_eorueioueiti – 29.62 MB

    while on win notepad i see plain text, on np++ i see all line with link as hyperlink.
    i don’t want this, i want see all my text on plain text, as in win notepad

  • @cisco779k

    You said:

    oh my god, how many words

    Yep, I know. :-)

    uncheck No underlines then reboot notepad. this work

    So now links are not underlined…seems good…

    while on win notepad i see plain text
    on np++ i see all line with link as hyperlink. i don’t want this

    So if links aren’t underlined (already established), exactly how do you see them as hyperlink?

    It is probably (past) time to post some screenshots!:
    “good” behavior from win notepad
    “bad” behavior from Notepad++

  • yes underlined solve!
    but screenshot it is not necessary: simply copy one link (ex https://irueyrryrtytry.haj/) then open in notepad and open on np++ and you see the difference!
    on notepad are simply plain text, on np++ is hyperlink! this option it is possible disable from preference - MISC - enable or not link clickable, but i would like to know if there is a way to convert my txt on plain text…

  • Ugh. You ask people for stuff that would help in helping THEM, and they just can’t seem to provide it. Double ugh.


  • @cisco779k ,

    how many words…! I didn’t think it was that difficult…In my

    How could we know? You never showed us what your problem was, and your description of your problem was sketchy at best, and you wouldn’t respond to requests for more information. I had to make a guess as to what your problem was – and since toggling the option didn’t seem to be enough for you, and you said “text copied from an html page”, I guessed that you meant you had text like <a href="https://irueyrryrtytry.haj/">blah</a>; I now appear to have guessed wrong. But since you still haven’t actually showed us the problem you are having, I am still guessing.

    @Alan-Kilborn said in remove hyperlink:

    Double ugh.


    I think the OP’s problem actually boiled down to “When I toggle that option, the underlining doesn’t appear to immediately change.”

    A quick experiment in my 7.8.2-64b, and I see that if I toggle that setting and hit Close button, it doesn’t immediately change. If I switch to a different tab in Notepad++ and go back, the underline goes away or comes back (whichever direction the setting was); in fact, if I page down and page back up, the underlining refreshes. Basically, a window-refresh needs to be initiated in order for that option to take effect.

  • @PeterJones said in remove hyperlink:

    in my 7.8.2-64b

    I just checked. The same was true in 7.7-64b or 7.5.9-64b, so this requires-refresh has been around for a while (maybe even always).

  • @PeterJones said:

    I think the OP’s problem actually boiled down to “When I toggle that option, the underlining doesn’t appear to immediately change.”

    But the OP said:

    uncheck No underlines then reboot notepad.

    Which leads me to believe the OP wasn’t bothered by a restart being needed, and something else was going on.

    But it is time to stop guessing and let this go…I’m out. :-)

  • dear PeterJones you guessed!
    I saved an html page on my pc, then i have clean all html code.
    before i had everything like <a href=“https://irueyrryrtytry.haj/”>blah</a>
    now i have delete all html code.
    my problem it is not underlining (which requires a restart np++ or refresh page)… this works! problem is persistence of the active link, on np++ while in simple notepad i don’t see…
    I didn’t want to post my screenshot because they are private data (those of the txt) but since my problem is perhaps not clear, i modified them and here i attach a screen:

  • [sorry but I can’t insert a direct image here: when I click on insert image it comes ![alt text](image url) but insert url i don’t see on preview my image… then i have post url of my image]

  • and this also happens in a new document: perhaps it is the prerogative of np ++ to always show clickable links and perhaps this is possible only by disabling preferences.

  • all text, preceded by https:// or http://, is seen by np++ such as linkable.
    only way is disable from preference - MISC or delete https:// or http://

  • @cisco779k said in remove hyperlink:

    only way is disable from preference - MISC or delete https:// or http://

    Yes, that is the expected behavior. You either have to configure notepad++ to not underline links, or you have to make sure there are no links in the text; either one will stop notepad++ from underlining your text as a link.

    forum aside

    To help you with your difficulties in the forum:
    [sorry but I can’t insert a direct image here: when I click on insert image it comes ![alt text](image url) but insert url i don’t see on preview my image… then i have post url of my image]

    That’s because the url doesn’t point to an image but to HTML, so ![]( is trying to load an HTML page as an image, which doesn’t work. The actual image is at, so ![]( will display:

  • tanxs Peter, i understood my mistake in inserting an image.
    it will be very useful for the next posts!

    well, understood this little drawback, i hope that an option in np ++ is added which you deactivate text as a link for every single file, not just from preferences as a general rule…
    because maybe, in some cases, it may be useful to have a text as a link. if you disable it from preferences, it will never occur again!
    it would be convenient to be able to select link and with the right button to have an item such as “view link as plain text” in the menu in order to have a choice of each link …
    this is what i would like in a nest future version of np++

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