Notepad++ v7.8.7 released

  • @donho said in Notepad++ v7.8.7 released:

    it’s not a bug to me, please check:

    (also reference:

    I tend to agree now that @PeterJones has showed us the registry HKCR and file extension experiment and I get the same behavior when saving with Windows standard plain old boring notepad.exe. This appears to be Windows default behavior, not a Notepad++ “bug”.

    However, there is some discussion on the issue I opened prior to fully understanding @PeterJones troubleshooting and explanation. You may want to close that?

    Thanks for Notepad++! - and sorry about the premature bug report.


  • @donho said in Notepad++ v7.8.7 released:

    Thank you @Ekopalypse for opening issue. This bug has been fixed and will be in the next release.

    I wonder if this is related?

    In 7.8.6 - no plugins and use external scripting to set:

    editor->autoCSetMulti( $SC_MULTIAUTOC{SC_MULTIAUTOC_EACH} );

    When I type:


    And then do multiselect across the end of new and start typing .c_str():


    Upon pressing Tab or Enter, it autocomplete both and puts the cursor at the end:


    BUT, with 7.8.7 no plugins and setting the same with external scripting, after pressing the Tab or Enter I get:


    The cursor does NOT move to the end. Much like the column mode Tab bug discussed above. Does the same “fix”, fix this as well, or is this a different issue?


  • @Michael-Vincent

    I just answered my own question by learning to download your AppVeyor intermediate builds. YES, this is related and is FIXED by the same “bug fix”, - commit 6602840.


  • For some reason when I click move to other view, instead of moving the text view to the other side, it moves all the other tabs to the other side. Does anyone have any info on this?

    I am using 7.8.7 (64bit)
    the 6.9 version I had before did not have this problem.

  • @Jason-Iqbal

    there are two views, view0 and view1 and it looks like all
    of your files were in view1. Now if you move a file to the other view,
    which would be view0, then it looks like you moved the other files
    as it arranged the views to be view0 on the left and view1 on the right.

    To replicate what I’m talking about.

    • Open npp - no files should be open except the automatically created new1
    • create another new file and move this to the other view
    • close new1 file
    • create multiple other files and move one of them to the other view.

  • Hi,

    I noticed a difference in how styling is applied to clickable links in 7.8.7, but I don’t consider it a “fix” as it seems rather unintended to me.

    This is how a link appears to me in 7.8.6 with a Style based on “Deep Black” (which doesn’t support “URL hovered” customization):
    As you can see, the “Foreground colour” is applied to the text and underline of the link.

    This is how a link appears to me in 7.8.7 with the same Style:

    As you can see, the “Foreground colour” is applied to the text, but no longer to the underline of the link.

  • @Noctum28
    Maybe THIS is of interest to you?

  • @Alan-Kilborn
    Yes, thank you.

  • @Ekopalypse
    Yes that is it. if I open several files then send one to the other view it sends all the other files to the otherside, after that it switches it normally. It must just be a design decision or something.

  • @Jason-Iqbal said in Notepad++ v7.8.7 released:

    It must just be a design decision or something.

    It might have been an unintentional design decision, i.e., it just happened.

    I’d much rather see, if there is only one view open, that that view is always the “main view” and never possible to be the “sub view” (these are terms the source code uses to describe them).

    Thus, if the user closes the last tab open in the “main view”, all of the tabs in the “sub view” should be moved over to the main. This is just my opinion and maybe there are some holes in wanting this that I haven’t foreseen. :-)

  • @donho

    There is a backward direction option disappeared in Find option after updating v7.8.7/Backward.JPG

    Please refer to the screen shot.


  • @ganesan-govindarajan

    There is a backward direction option disappeared in Find option

    See #10 in the original post:

    1. Disallow backward regex searches due to sometimes surprising results (an non-UI option is available to enable it).

    This is also documented in the Searching > Regex section of,

    If you switch to Search Mode of Normal, then the backward arrow or backward direction checkbox will work.

    There is also a hidden setting in config.xml, officially documented here, which allows you to use backward search even with regular expressions.

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