How can you make All types (*.*) the default, when saving

  • @Michael-Vincent said in How can you make All types (*.*) the default, when saving:

    so making the option to set . as the default would “fix” the (perceived) “issue”

    But then wouldn’t the people that want .txt, or whatever fixed/known extension, to be added automatically–when no extension is manually appended by them–start complaining?

    Perhaps this is a “no win” situation, without the addition of a setting to control it, but I personally find that somewhat distasteful–one more confusing setting – probably would be confusing due to a complicated thing being explained in a short text blurb on the UI).

  • @Alan-Kilborn said in How can you make All types (*.*) the default, when saving:

    But then wouldn’t the people that want .txt, or whatever fixed/known extension, to be added automatically–when no extension is manually appended by them

    If I understand correctly, any new file saved will default to the extension specified by the first extension option based on what they have selected in the combo box we’re taking about. For me, I have “Normal Text” selected so any “new 1” file I have open and save for the first time as “myfile” (no extension), .txt is automatically appended for me. If I save as “myfile.xyzzy” (unknown brand new extension) then I get “myfile.xyzzy.txt” which is what the OP was asking about. Letting a user select “No Default Type” from that pull down would result in my examples:

    myfile => myfile
    myfile.xyzzy => myfile.xyzzy

    Selecting the default of Normal Text would result in:

    myfile => myfile.txt
    myfile.xyzzy => myfile.xyzzy.txt

    I won’t argue either is right - they both behave according to Windows default Save As behavior as @PeterJones shows above. My proposal just gives users the option to select *.* as the default new document type if that’s the way they want to operate.


  • FWIW (probably nothing), I noticed that if you do a Rename… operation on a file, the Save as type: box seems to always be set to All types (*.*) when the Save As box appears.

  • I just updated my Notepad++ on my Windows 10 laptop and hit this issue. Why is this issue? Because I use NppFTP to edit files on a lot of linux hosts. Now when I save files to my hosts after editing it applies useless .txt extension to all files.

  • @remus_roan ,

    Did you try any of the workarounds mentioned above? Because for the near future (until someone makes an official feature request, and the developers decide to implement and release it), your choices are to use one of those workarounds or downgrade to an earlier Notepad++.

    If the workarounds don’t work for you, please explain exactly what you did, and we’ll try to help you get it working.

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  • @PeterJones Respectfully, if there was simply an option to choose “no extension” or “. All file types” in settings, this would be much, much less frustrating.

    I understand that some, maybe even a majority may want “*.txt” as their default, but it should be far simpler for those of us who want no extension as their default. In any case, thanks for listening.

  • @Tom-Cavender

    Version 7.9.1 has:


    Maybe that helps?

  • @Tom-Cavender

    Respectfully, I called them workarounds, which implicitly acknowledges it might not be the best way to implement it, but it was the only way available at the time.

    The good news is that someone did follow my advice, and put in the feature request; moreover, that feature has been implemented, and the version with it implemented has been released: v7.9.1. If you want that feature, install the new version.

  • @Alan-Kilborn That helped immensely. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • @Tom-Cavender

    Well, I didn’t do the work to make it happen, just pointed it out!
    That part was very easy.
    Praise to the developers, who do the hard parts!

  • Thanks to the developers about this additional tick-box.
    Much appreciated.

  • I deployed 7.9.1 to our users yesterday, but they are still unhappy, as the new checkbox only returns the old behavior partly.
    Without the checkbox enabled, and new file you “Save as” and an edited file you “save as” suggests you to save as .txt.
    With the old notepad++ versions it was for new and edited files .
    Now with the checkbox it is . for new files, but not for opened files.

    We explicitly have the problem, that our users have to edit .STA files (which are just text files with STA as a file ending).
    So they open them via right click context menu, edit them and click “save as” and regardless that it’s a STA file, notepad++ 7.9.1 with the new checkbox enabled, always wants to save that file as .txt.
    That is a huge problem.

  • I didn’t need any of the latest features or fixes so I solved the problem today by overwriting my Notepad++ installation with version 7.8.1. Unfortunately, that does mean that I can’t install any version updates.

    What put it over the edge for me was not only the inconvenience of having to scroll up to and pick All file types, but that any time I had a non-.TXT extension (i.e., every file I ever edit!), when I went to “Save as” in another location, or, say as the next file in a sequence (i.e., just change number in file name), it would automatically add the .TXT extension even though A FILE EXTENSION WAS ALREADY PRESENT–and Notepad++ should have been smart enough to understand that. Nor can I begin to count up how many times I accidentally saved PHP source files as something.php.txt and then wondered why something didn’t work.

    After a month of tearing my hair out, I gave up and rolled back. Good luck, all, and stay safe in the pandemic! /Peters

  • fyi - just found out that this is already being handled:
    Thanks to sasumner

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